Weston Pasta Machine

Weston Electric Pasta Machine Review

If you’re a true pasta lover, then you’ll know that the delicious taste in pasta only lies in the fresh pasta that you, yourself make at home. Fresh, homemade pasta when cooked, always releases a burst of delicious flavor and aroma that no pre-packaged, dry pasta can replicate. This is why most renowned chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver, encourage all pasta lovers to create their own pasta with high-quality ingredients in order to make pasta dishes flavorsome and irresistible. However, creating your own pasta can be difficult unless you decide to use an electric pasta machine. You can now make fresh pasta effortlessly if you take a look at this Weston electric pasta machine review.

Weston Electric Pasta Machine

The task of making fresh pasta independently at home will be easy-breezy for all food lovers with the Weston Roma Express electric pasta machine. This innovative machine will turn your freshly created pasta dough into any type of pasta you desire, thanks to its built-in pasta cutters. Through this sturdy machine, the Weston Company aims to help food lovers make and enjoy fresh, mouthwatering homemade foods equivalent to those offered at exclusive, 5-star authentic restaurants.


  • 9 adaptable settings to form paper-thin pasta sheets of 1/10 inches thick
  • Built with metal steel housing, making a heavy-duty structure overall for maximum enduringness of a lifetime
  • Rollers sized between 5 and 0.75 inches horizontally
  • Adjustable speed of high or low to control the rollers
  • Motor powered at 90 watts with 120 volts and 60 hertz
  • Built-in switch that turns off the motor’s power instantly when the safety cover is opened and the rollers are exposed to maximize safety for the user

Care Tips

The pasta machine and its accessories are not suitable to come into contact with water. Therefore, you’re advised to never wash them with water, place them in water or clean them using a dishwasher. Instead, you must clean them by wiping them with a dry cloth. The internal spaces within the equipment must be cleaned using a cloth. The cloth should be spaced out and passed through the rollers and cutters several times making sure that it touches the entire area within the internal space. Pay special attention to the sides of the machine where machine oil can build up. Finally, throw the dough away.

For the sections within the equipment that are difficult to reach, use a dry pastry brush to brush away any flour or dough bits. Sprinkle flour afterward and brush it all the way into the edges of the equipment. Finally, wipe it all clean with a dry cloth.

You are strictly advised to never insert knives between the rollers and cutters. Follow all the instructions and tips provided within the manual closely. If you follow some of the simplest instructions, you’ll be able to have a lifelong satisfying experience with this product.

Weston electric pasta machine is a piece of top-quality equipment that ensures high-quality performance with its superior features and benefits. It is built with high durability in order to make it last for a lifetime. You’re guaranteed safety when using this machine as it’s UL listed. You’ll be delighted to know that this product will be valid for a one-year warranty period and it comes with an adjustable wheel pasta bike as well as a cleaning brush.