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Waring Pro MG855 Review

An average house’s meat requirements can be met with a meat grinder that is powerful, durable, and cost-effective. There is always an option of buying the sausages from outside. But it is not advisable even though it may definitely save you a lot of time. The health of your loved ones may get compromised if by any chance that meat is adulterated in any way. There are people who want to make more money and do not even hesitate to put other people’s lives at stake for a few extra bucks. This could be avoided if you grind your meat at home.

Waring Pro MG855 Review

Waring meat grinder is one of its kind and serves as the best tool for an average household. This is an upgraded version of the previous grinder only neater and more cost-effective. This meat grinder’s only job in a house can be nothing but grinding meat. If you could choose the most efficient one with the kind of features it has, your whole purpose will be solved in no time. There are various kinds of meat grinders available in the market. If you try to compare different meat grinders for their features, you will get confused and will put an end to the thought of buying one. Then you will be forced to eat sausages from outside which are unreliable and not that tasty either.

So the Waring meat grinders give you what you want in one compact way. They are average in size and will suit the daily need of ground meat of a family of four. It is provided with an extra-large hopper which is made up of die-cast aluminum. Aluminum is a metal that is rust-free and lightweight. Thus, there is no weight on the machine which also increases its durability. This machine is very simple to operate and works on just one switch. It is also provided with a reverse function. The motor fitted in this machine is 1000 watts and can grind a large amount of meat in no time as compared to the hand-operated meat grinder. The motor is a must to be looked at if you are buying a machine that operates on the motor.

A heavy-duty motor is essential when the work requires dealing with tough or very dense substances while for other things like shakes and smoothies, the motor has to be a lighter one. The machine is delivered to you including a few other things in the package such as three cutting plates made of good quality stainless steel helping them keep their sharpness for a very long time even on continuous usage. The blades are in three sharpness grades- fine, medium, and coarse. These blades give three types of grinds depending on your needs and preferences. Two sausage attachments are included with this grinder which helps you to extrude two sizes of sausages from the same grinder. This machine is affordable and is available in brushed stainless steel finish making it shiny and adorable.


This product of Waring is amazing as it fulfills the entire requirement as far as the meat grinding in a household is concerned. Though manual washing is recommended, the design is such that washing takes no time at all. With a big hopper and stylish shiny surface, it is the best buy in this range of meat grinders.