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Philips Pasta Maker Machine Review

If you’re a pasta fanatic who loves eating pasta the best way – fresh made at home, but cannot even make perfect pasta dough, then Philips pasta maker will be your ultimate solution. This clever piece of technology will make sure that the pasta will be freshly homemade without causing any trouble to you at all. All you would need to do is just concentrate on the perfect seasoning and the irresistible pasta sauce. Find out more about this miraculous innovation through this Philips pasta maker review.

Philips Pasta Maker

Philips pasta maker is the supreme piece of technology that any food aficionado would love to own. Making fresh and flavorsome homemade pasta has never been this simpler before. Your pasta dough mixture will be combined, kneaded into a dough, and extruded into a fresh pound of pasta or noodles within only a quarter of an hour. The precise molding and shaping of your pasta will guarantee that you’ll be able to achieve the perfect texture and flavor within your pasta dish.


  • Able to function automatically to form consistent, ideal pasta
  • Detachable shaft for easy adjustments
  • LED display for vivid indications
  • Non-slip feet to provide stable contact between tabletop or countertop and the machine
  • On and off switch for control and efficiency during usage
  • Preset cooking functions to conveniently guide novice chefs
  • Ready signal and power-on light for clear device signals
  • Automatic shut-off and safety lock ensures maximum security when using the product
  • Runs on 200-watt power
  • Unique pasta shaping discs to create diverse styles of pasta
  • Smart drawer design for storing various kinds of shaping discs

If you take a careful look at the features, you’ll easily be able to see all the benefits you’ll receive from using this Philips noodle maker. You’ll receive the opportunity to create scrumptious spaghetti, fettuccine, penne noodles as well as lasagna and dumplings or ravioli pasta dishes. What’s even more amazing is that you’ll be able to make your own different flavors of pasta by utilizing different types of flour as well as various ingredients like egg, certain vegetables, seasonings, and herbs. For example, you might add spinach or carrot juice. According to both users and Philips, a mix of durum semolina and all-purpose flour is the best combination. Users also preferred buckwheat or whole wheat flour when making soba noodles. One user suggested using beetroot juice for both flavor and color.

How Philips Pasta Machine Operates

At first, you’ll observe that setting up the Philips pasta machine is a piece of cake. You’ll also discover that buttons on the control panel are readable and easy to comprehend. Begin using the machine by adding flour and selecting either program 1 for servings of three or less or program 2 for large servings of three to five. Then start the machine and let flour rotate around a few times. Next, start pouring other liquid ingredients like oil or vegetable juice through small holes on the top cover. Finally, just like the fun Play-Doh toy, you’ll observe pasta being extruded out of the front disc panels. You’ll need additional attachments or you can use your good old knives or scissors to cut the pasta into desired shapes.

Philips pasta maker is a piece of remarkable technological cooking equipment that every modern chef should use for efficiency and perfect cooking. Using this device is so easy and safe that even children can participate in the process of creating fresh pasta.