Norpro Pasta Machine Review

Norpro Pasta Machine Review

If you’re a foodie, then you must know that using freshly made pasta in cooking leads to exceptional pasta dishes as opposed to using dry, store-bought packs of pasta. This is why searching for pasta machines can become distressing with so many brands of pasta machines from which to choose within the market. What’s more, is that high price can be a big turn-off for those who are interested in purchasing a pasta machine. This is why you’ll be glad to know that Norpro is a renowned brand for creating pasta machines of exceptional quality at the lowest price in the market. Therefore, you are encouraged to carefully read through this Norpro pasta machine review so that you may select one of the best products suited to your choice.

Norpro Pasta Machine

If you love perfect pasta dishes made from fresh fettuccine and vermicelli pasta, then you’ll love using the Norpro pasta machine. You’ll be able to easily make fresh pasta at home with this product. This machine will help you create perfectly thick and shaped pasta which will help you cook your pasta dish to perfection. The best part of is its compact size and reasonable price.


  • Comes in a convenient size of dimensions 5inches x 8 inches x 5 inches
  • Made of tough materials that include nickel-plated steel and chrome-plated steel for maximum durability
  • Rollers are made with nickel-plated steel to withstand constant usage and lengthen their product life
  • Intended for cutting 0.06 inches of pasta sheets, 0.25 inches of fettuccine and vermicelli-spaghetti like pasta styles that are commonly favored by all
  • Countertop clamp attached for securely holding the pasta machine to the countertop or table

The Norpro pasta machine excellently fulfills the need to make some popular pasta styles fresh at home. This product is recommended to be washed manually. When you buy this product, you’ll also receive an instruction booklet. You’re suggested to follow this booklet closely to avoid any mishap and continue using the product for a long time. Don’t fret if you’re not yet a highly experienced cook because you’ll receive a long booklet of recipes for some guidance.

Norpro Atlas Pasta Machine – 1050

The Norpro Atlas 1050 pasta machine is one of the best pieces of technology to revolutionize pasta-making. This machine is ideal for you whether you’re a beginner or an experienced chef at home or in a professional environment. This equipment will help you bring out your full potential in all your pasta dishes.


  • Made in Italy
  • Clamp included providing secure steadiness when in use
  • Constructed from stainless steel for a lifetime of usage
  • Suitable for cutting 1.5 mm thick pasta sheets, 6 mm thick fettuccine, and vermicelli
  • Stainless steel serving spatula included for convenience

You are advised to follow the instruction booklet closely and pay special attention to the suitable cleaning methods. This is the latest model from Norpro which appears to be selling off quite rapidly so grab one soon before stock runs out!

Norpro Pasta Machine Motor

If you’re a pasta addict, then you must get tired from constantly using your manual pasta machine to make fresh pasta. Stop straining your hands now by using the new Norpro Pasta machine motor. Use this product to convert your manual pasta machine into an automatic, motor-driven one.


  • Compatible with Norpro pasta machine models 1049 and 1049R
  • Compact size of 5 x 9 x 7 inch dimensions
  • Lightweight at 3 pounds

This product is approved by UL for maximum safety. It is strongly advised that you restrain yourself from immersing this product in water. Cleaning is recommended to be done with a damp cloth first and then dried thoroughly. With the Norpro pasta machine motor, you won’t have to exhaust your hands in order to make fresh pasta manually for superb tasting pasta dishes.