marcato atlas 150 review

Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker Review

If you’re passionate about cooking superb pasta dishes and feeding your loved ones the most delectable, fresh pasta meals you can but find it difficult to actually go through with it all, then here’s your solution. You’ll be thrilled to know that Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 pasta maker is a blessing for all those who are too lethargic to make fresh pasta at home and instead succumb to the pre-packaged dry pasta packs commonly found in all retail shops. If this is the case for you, then it’s time to remind yourself of the genuine Italian taste of pasta with which you must not compromise any longer. In fact, with this Atlas pasta machine review, you’ll be able to bring traditional Italian pasta dishes right to the palates of your loved ones without having to bear the high prices of lavish Italian eateries.


  • Chrome-plated steel main body to provide a solid structured machine
  • Anodized aluminum made rollers and cutters to provide the ‘Wellness’ feature
  • Able to adjust and control 10 different position dial settings so that the desired level of thickness for pasta can be attained
  • Able to result in 0.3mm to 2.5mm range of thickness level for pasta
  • ABS plastic made handle on the hand-crank for smooth, painless turns allowing pasta processing to be straightforward
  • ABS plastic handle on clamp for providing secure stability by linking the countertop or surface of the table to the machine at the time of usage
  • 13 extra accessories with a mixture of wide and narrow cutters to create various styles of pasta of differing shapes, thickness, shapes, and cuts
  • Rough surfaced rollers to result in porous pasta
  • Made in Italy for over 80 years resulting in a traditional aesthetic technological innovation
  • Lightweight, convenient size with dimensions of 8 x 8 x 7 inches weighing 3 pounds

Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 pasta maker is the perfect piece of front-line technology available to revolutionize and simplify the making of homemade fresh pasta. Fresh pasta produced by this machine will be soft and porous so that it’ll be soaked in significant flavors from the seasonings and pasta sauces, all of which will result in a wonderful burst of pleasant flavors. The smooth, non-lumpy texture of the pasta will be maintained making the experience an absolute pleasure for all.

How Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Maker should be Used

This versatile piece of technology can be easily used with guidance from the included instruction manual. To end up with the best pasta dish, it’s important that you must begin with a perfectly made pasta dough. If you’re not too confident with this, relieve your worries because a recipe book is also attached to help you create the perfect pasta dish.

Once you have made the perfect pasta dough, feed it into the pasta maker and adjust the level of thickness of your desire while making sure that you’re using the correct attachment to create your desired style of a pasta meal. With all the features present, you’ll be able to make wide fettuccine, flat dough sheet, narrow spaghetti, pasta sheets for lasagna and ravioli as well as tagliolini pasta dishes.

The Wellness Feature

The ‘Wellness’ within this product’s name is definitely not a gimmick to gain your investment. The use of chrome-plated steel, anodized aluminum, and an exclusive micro-rough exterior ensures better attachment with the dough. These materials don’t release any harmful chemicals as other heavy metal materials often do. This assures excellent quality pasta that’s healthy for you and your loved ones.

These incredible features and impressive benefits are highly recognized by all the users of this product. Users enjoy this product largely because it maintains a traditional factor and produces highly favored results that can be entirely trusted at a very reasonable price.