How to make Ravioli

KitchenAid Ravioli Maker Attachment Review

Making perfectly shaped ravioli at home isn’t so easy by hand. If you are a pasta enthusiast who loves those perfectly shaped restaurant-quality ravioli dishes, you’ll be excited to know that you will be able to make perfect ravioli pasta fresh at home. Don’t opt for those dry, store-bought ravioli that have insufficient fillings. Make restaurant-quality ravioli dishes now at home with your preferred fillings. You’ll be surprised to see a huge improvement in taste when you use freshly made, perfectly shaped ravioli in your cooking. Making a perfect ravioli dish of your style at home will be possible now all thanks to this KitchenAid ravioli maker attachment review.

KitchenAid Ravioli Maker Attachment

KitchenAid ravioli maker attachment is highly praised by foodies for offering its users an easy way to make ravioli at home. The attachment helps make ravioli efficiently and effectively as shaping the ravioli pockets at home with your hands and fingers can be a tiresome and boring task. To use this product, all you have to do is just fill up the hopper and rotate the hand crank piece on the external part of the attachment. Then, your ravioli will soon be pressed and cut into shape.


  • Constructed from all-metal housing material for a strongly built design so that it is highly durable
  • Able to produce three wide rows of large ravioli pockets to increase efficiency in cooking a ravioli dish
  • 6 inch wide rollers make it ideal for creating three rows of ravioli
  • Compatible for use with all KitchenAid household stand mixer models
  • Easily attachable to the multipurpose power hub
  • 3.3 height x 9.8 width x 2.3 depth in dimensions so that it can easily fit into any KitchenAid standard mixer model
  • Weighs only 3lbs making it easy to carry from one place to another inside home and outside when traveling
  • Filling scoop included allowing even distribution of the ravioli fillings into the corners of the easy hopper where it is commonly hard to reach
  • Specifically designed rollers allow the ravioli fillings to be reliably pinched and sealed inside the perfect ravioli pockets so that the ravioli pasta pieces won’t easily open when put into the cooking pan or boiling water
  • Manufactured in Italy so the needs of making authentic Italian ravioli dishes at home are easily met

The KitchenAid ravioli maker attachment has to be hand washed in soap water. Further careful instructions are provided regarding thorough cleaning methods inside an attached instruction guide. A cleaning brush is also included for your convenience. The confidence that this product’s manufacturers show can be visible through the availability of the one-year replacement warranty. Recipes are included as well to motivate novice cooks.


Pasta enthusiasts absolutely love this product to such a great extent that they no longer feel the need to make frequent visits to restaurants for Michelin star quality ravioli dishes. Users are extremely pleased to form delicate ravioli pockets at home with the perfect shape and level of thickness. They are extremely happy with how they are able to have control over the equipment which results to perfect ravioli formations with no lumps whatsoever. This results in them making appetizing ravioli dishes that are soft, flavorsome, and an absolute delight to eat.