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KitchenAid Pasta Roller Attachment Review

Does making fresh pasta at home worn you out? Yes, rolling the pasta dough, then cutting, and finally shaping it can indeed get slightly monotonous and tiring. However, if you love Italian cuisine but hate making fresh pasta by hand at home, then you must read this KitchenAid pasta roller attachment review further.

KitchenAid KSMPRA 3 Piece Pasta Roller & Cutter Set

This KitchenAid KSMPRA pasta roller will help you roll out perfect-looking pieces of pasta without much hassle. You’ll be able to do it without straining your hands because the assignment will be able to work automatically with your motor-powered KitchenAid mixer. What’s more, is that this set also includes cutter attachments to further simplify your efforts. If you’re the kind of consumer who loves simplified products rather than vastly versatile ones, then, this is the product you’ll love. If you’re the kind of pasta lover who loves flat pasta more than any other style of pasta, then this is definitely the product for you.


  • Even rolling and immaculate style of cutting of the pasta dough helps make pasta dishes delectable and aesthetically appealing
  • Stainless steel build to maintain a hard, shiny structure and ensure long-lasting usage
  • Compatible for use with the KitchenAid pasta maker
  • Able to roll out pasta sheets of 6 inches in length
  • 8 easily adjustable settings of thickness to allow a user to select different thickness levels based on different pasta dishes
  • Spaghetti cutter included assisting in creating perfect classic spaghetti noodles
  • Fettuccine cutter included assisting in creating perfect hearty fettuccine noodles
  • Italian make assures that the product is made to create authentic Italian dishes

If you want to impress your loved ones with professional Italian pasta dishes, then you’ll need this product the most. This is because it rolls out the pasta dough so perfectly that, you won’t be able to spot even the slightest lump within any of the pieces of pasta. The smooth, soft pieces of pasta will help you season your pasta dishes generously with all the spices and sauces. Your pasta will appear nowhere near bland if you are able to achieve such impeccable shapes, cuts, and textures. If you think the 3 attachments – the roller, spaghetti cutter, and fettuccine cutter will just help you create three pasta dishes, then think again. The roller will help you roll out flawless flat sheets to make creamy lasagna and satisfying ravioli dishes.

What Users Love about the KitchenAid Pasta Roller Attachment

Users of this product loved how much better their pasta dishes tasted after they began to use these KitchenAid pasta maker attachments. This is because of the immaculate structure of each of the pieces of pasta in their dishes that were created thanks to this invention.

Another benefit that users received from using these attachments was that they were able to concentrate on their cooking techniques more than the pasta-making technique. This is because they were able to switch between the attachments quickly without any hassle.

To conclude, you will have a wonderful time creating the most desirable pasta dishes that will impress everyone around you, along with yourself! Just be sure to follow all the instructions provided on the attached booklet that will come with your purchase in order to maximize the performance and increase the durability of this product. Make sure that you strictly avoid cleaning the attachments with water as it will damage them severely.