Ravioli Press Machines Reviews

9 Best Ravioli Press Maker Reviews

Anyone who has had homemade ravioli will tell you that this is simply fantastic stuff. Fantastic as it may be, making it can get a little bit messy and require a great deal of labor on your part. This is the reason why many would feel put off when they think of making their own ravioli. This is the reason why it makes sense to buy not only just a ravioli machine but the best ravioli press machine in the market.

In this article, we look at what a ravioli press is, how it is used and what some advantages of having one would be. The article ends by looking at the three best products in the market this time around. You will discover that some of the ravioli presses would come more expensive than others. Most of the time this is an indication that they are actually of a higher quality

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What Are Ravioli Presses?

A ravioli press is a utensil used for cutting and pressing ravioli into a uniform shape. You will hear some cooks calling it the ravioli maker or form. Most presses will make up to 12 ravioli but you could also easily get presses that makeup to 40. Even when you use this press, you will still have to form the dough. The main advantage is that when it comes to cutting, the end product looks professional.

The Advantages Of A Ravioli Press

Making ravioli can look simple when someone explains it to you. It may look like all you need is to put the pasta sheet on whatever surface you are working on, fill it in and seal it, and then cut it with a knife. This usually results in ravioli that are in sizes that do not look so great to the eye. This is the reason why investing in a ravioli press machine is a great idea.

Using a machine does not only help you get a uniform product, it also ensures that you save your dough. By saving for dough, you get more ravioli to share. The sealing done by a press, using the rolling pin, holds better than the one you try by hand.

One other advantage of using a ravioli press is that you will massively save time. This is because making the press makes the whole job go faster. This also means that you can make more ravioli than you could possibly do using your hands.

Before You Buy Your Ravioli Press, Check Out Following Ravioli Cutter Reviews.

1) “Krav” 1’’ Ravioli Maker by KitchenAid

kitchenaid ravioli makerEven distribution is something that is difficult to accomplish with ravioli makers. While it is possible for most ravioli makers to distribute rows of ravioli evenly, oftentimes a lot of adjustments need to be made.

One of the best aspects of the Krav by KitchenAid is that it is much easier for it to distribute ravioli layers evenly than other ravioli makers. It does this by filling the scoop spreads into the corners of the hopper. This makes it much easier to distribute the finished product evenly.

The Krav is also compatible with any given KitchenAid stand mixer, which makes it versatile. It does not use its own motor, either. Using the motor of the stand mixer, the Krav is very easy to use. The fact that it does not operate on its own motor makes it even easier to use than other ravioli makers.

The Krav is very good at making even distributed ravioli and is versatile, but because it is so small, it contains small parts and can be difficult to clean. All you need to clean it is to use soap and water, but you will need to take some of it apart to clean it properly. This can be very time-consuming.

2) Ravioli Cutter Attachment by Marcato

Making ravioli products from scratch can be very taxing and time-consuming. If you are not skilled enough in cutting dough evenly to make ravioli properly, you will waste hours and hours doing all you can to cut the dough the right way.

Marcato’s ravioli cutter solves this issue by attaching to your Atlas 150 pasta machine. If you already use an Atlas 150 pasta machine to cut dough to make pasta, all you need to do to make ravioli is connect this attachment to your Atlas and operate it as if you were making any other kind of pasta. The attachment will do all the cutting for you as it is programmed to do so.

Another good aspect of Marcato’s ravioli attachment is that because it is an attachment, it can be cleaned very easily, much easier than most standalone ravioli cutters.

Despite all this, you must understand that Marcato’s attachment is simply that: An attachment. It is only compatible with Atlas pasta makers, and if you do not possess an Atlas pasta maker, Marcato’s attachment will have no use to you.

Another thing you need to be aware of with Marcato’s ravioli attachment is that everything inside of it is removable, and if you want to clean these parts, prepare to spend a lot of time doing this.

3) Large Ravioli Maker by Bellemain

Sometimes using contraptions and machines is not as effective as using a cutting frame.

This is especially true if you are making ravioli in an environment that does not have the fast pace of a restaurant but the slower pace of making ravioli at home or preparing it in a manner where each ravioli piece needs to be filled with different things.

The stencil-like cutting frame of Bellemain’s ravioli maker accomplishes this very easily if you have already prepared your dough. All you need to do is place what you want to fill each ravioli piece within the plastic contraption that holds the filling, then cut the dough with the frame to make up to 12 pieces of ravioli.

The major problem with Bellemain’s ravioli maker is that you will still need to manually cut your dough into ravioli pieces with it. It is nothing like the ravioli-making machines where you can insert the dough and have the machine do all the cutting.

This means that making ravioli with Bellemain’s maker will be much more time-consuming than using a machine. Avoid it if you need a ravioli maker for a restaurant or any other environment that is very fast-paced.

4) Ravioli Maker With Press by Norpro

Making ravioli from scratch is difficult enough, but cutting the dough to make ravioli pieces from scratch is even more difficult. This is especially true if you want to make several pieces of ravioli. Making these pieces by yourself without a machine can take a lot longer than you want it to.

Norpro’s ravioli maker is very useful for anybody who wants to manually make their own ravioli from scratch manually. Because it also comes with a press, it is very easy to use it to prepare the filling areas of your ravioli then cut around these areas with the frame.

Be aware that you will still need to do manual cutting with Norpro’s ravioli maker. It is not like ravioli-making machines where you can just feed a sheet of dough into the machine and expect it to make perfect pieces of ravioli. Even though Norpro’s ravioli maker has a pre-cut frame, you will still need to take the time to knead the dough that you want to make the ravioli with.

Another thing that you should look out for with Norpro’s ravioli maker is that it only cuts 12 separate pieces of ravioli. While this is ideal for a slower-paced environment, it will struggle in a fast-paced environment where a lot of ravioli needs to be made quickly.

5) 2’’ by 2’’ Ravioli Maker and Press Combination by Genetek

Manual frame ravioli makers are very useful if you make ravioli by yourself from scratch, but most of them separate the frame from the press, which can be very time-consuming.

Genetek’s ravioli maker solves this by combining the press and the frame. All you need to do is get your dough properly rolled, apply the ravioli maker, and you’ll get a perfect cut on the outside as well as a perfect filling cut. All you need to do beforehand is fill the ravioli.

If you do not have a rolling pin, lost yours, or just need a new one, have no fear: Genetek’s ravioli maker comes with a rolling pin.

In order to get the best out of Genetek’s ravioli maker, you must know how to set up dough properly. If the dough is too soft, some of it will stick to the frame when cutting after filling. You should also know how to apply a bit of flour to your dough after rolling it as well. 

If you are experienced in doing such a thing, you will not have any problem using Genetek’s ravioli maker. If you are not experienced in manipulating your dough, you will have a tough time using Genetek’s ravioli maker.

6) 36 Piece Ravioli Maker by Eppicotispai

Anyone who is interested in making more than just 12 pieces of ravioli at a time will want to consider Eppicotispai’s ravioli maker. While the pieces themselves are not as big as the ravioli makers that make 12 pieces at a time, you will still get a lot out of Eppicotispai’s ravioli maker if you need to prepare a lot of ravioli really quickly.

Making ravioli is unusually simple with Eppicotispal’s ravioli maker. Press a sheet of dough into the indentations, fill the holes with the filling that you want to fill them with, then cover it with another sheet of dough. Use a rolling pin to cut the pieces.

If you do not have a rolling pin or want to replace the old one that you have, don’t worry. Eppicotispai’s ravioli maker comes with its own rolling pin for your convenience.

The only real issue about Eppicotispai’s ravioli maker is that while it can make 36 separate pieces of ravioli, these pieces are extremely small. When it comes to filling them, you will not have the liberties that you originally had with ravioli makers.

Another thing about Eppicotispai’s ravioli maker is that it tends to stick. You might need to use some cooking spray or oil to prevent the dough in it from sticking.

7) Ravioli Mold, Tray and Press by CucinaPro

An issue that a lot of ravioli makers face is that the size of the ravioli itself is not big enough for some. This is especially true with ravioli makers with frames and presses which tend to underwhelm their users.

Containing 1 and ¾ inch squares, CucinaPro’s ravioli maker outstrips other ravioli makers of its kind by a significant margin. This is perfect for anyone who wants to make large ravioli pieces without needing to use a ravioli-making machine or a ravioli-making attachment inside of a pasta machine.

Including a tray as well as a press, all you need to make ravioli with CucinaPro’s ravioli maker is a rolling pin. This simplifies the ravioli-making process, makes it easier, and is ideal for anyone who is new to making ravioli.

There are a couple of things that you should watch out for when using CucinaPro’s ravioli maker. First, it only makes 10 pieces of ravioli. This means that if you intend on using it to make ravioli for large parties, you’ll either need many of them on hand or you will need to choose a ravioli maker that can make more pieces.

Another issue that CucinaPro’s ravioli maker has is that the pockets for the filling on the press and tray are unusually large. You will not have a lot of room in between the pockets and the dough that surrounds it, and this can lead to you not filling it enough if you are not used to making ravioli with pockets this big.

8) 24-Hole Aluminum Square Ravioli Maker with Rolling Pin by Eppicotspai

If you need a ravioli maker that can not only make a lot of pieces but can also make ravioli that resembles a solid square shape that looks much more impressive than other ravioli makers, you will get a lot out of Eppicotspai’s ravioli maker.

Being capable of making up to 24 pieces of ravioli that resemble a sharper square shape than most, you will be able to make ravioli for very large parties with Eppicotspai’s ravioli maker. The sharp square shape will allow you to fill the ravioli a little bit more than with other ravioli makers as well.

If you do not have a rolling pin to make ravioli with or are looking for a new one, you are in luck. Eppicotspai’s ravioli maker comes with a rolling pin, and the pin not only covers the area of the ravioli maker, but also does a good job of covering other ravioli makers properly.

You will need to be experienced in converting dough into ravioli when using Eppicotspai’s ravioli maker. It is not like mechanical ravioli makers where you can simply insert a sheet of dough into the machine to make ravioli.

This also means that you will need to set apart a good amount of time to form the dough to spread it across Eppicotspai’s ravioli maker. If you are inexperienced in doing this, it will be a struggle.

9) Atlas Tablet Pasta Maker by Marcato

An issue that is common for most ravioli makers is that they do not have much to offer in the ability to be carried. To carry most pasta and ravioli makers with a tablet design, one has to lift it from the bottom which can be problematic.

Fortunately, Marcato’s ravioli maker contains handles on the sides, which make it very easy to carry and move around. You no longer need to worry about picking it up from the bottom and risking having it fall or having the contents inside of the ravioli holes become unbalanced or anything.

The rolling pin that comes with Marcato’s ravioli maker is truly impressive. The fact that it even comes with a rolling pin is impressive enough, but Marcato has done one better by including an anodized aluminum rolling pin. 

This provides a little more oxygen to the dough that you are making the ravioli from than other rolling pins do, and it combines very well with the tablet that you place the dough on.

Another fantastic aspect of Marcato’s ravioli maker is that the ravioli indents on the maker contain perfectly circular holes in the ravioli, which allows you to fill the ravioli generously. The finished product also looks very impressive after cutting the pieces of ravioli out of Marcato’s ravioli maker.

The only real issue with Marcato’s ravioli maker is that it only makes up to 10 pieces of ravioli. This can be troublesome if you plan on making ravioli for a large party.