Best Pasta Extruder Machines

Best Pasta Extruder Machines Reviews

Do you ever wonder how all those great pasta shapes on your dinner table are made? They are made using a pasta extruder. But you may ask, what is a pasta extruder machine?

This is a kitchen appliance that is used when making spaghetti, wagon wheels, macaroni, and others. These pasta extruders come in various sizes. You can get them small for use in homes, and you can also get them in large sizes for use in commercial settings.

While the way these machines can be different, there are certain things that are incorporated in the machine so that it is able to do the job for which it is made. The machine will typically have a chamber where the pasta dough is put. This is attached to the die housing. The main aim of the die is to produce the pasta in the required shapes. Whether you are a guy looking for a great present for your better half or a mother who wants to make the best pasta in town, take some time to check out the pasta extruder machines reviews here.

Editor’s Recommendation: Top 5 Pasta Extruder Machines

Top 5 Pasta Extruder Reviews

#1 KitchenAid KPEXTA Stand-Mixer Pasta-Extruder

Don’t be fooled by a name that is difficult to pronounce, the KitchenAid Pasta-Extruder Attachment With 6 Plates and Housing is an easy utensil to use. The machine is designed mainly to produce traditional Italian cuisine at home. You can also use it as a stand mixer. The machine will help you to save time. For your peace of mind, the material from which it is made will never corrode to cause harm to yourself and your family. Cleaning the machine can easily be done using water.

When making a fresh, homemade large or small macaroni, knead your dough first. Unscrew the cover and in the dough chamber, place the dough. Start screwing the handle and on the other side your dough or juice will start coming out. Clean your machine with water when you are done.

Again, you can add stand mixers (needs to make a separate purchase, though) to set this appliance with a robust plastic casing on your kitchen top according to your preference. And as for cleaning purposes, you’ll find it extremely straightforward. Because most of its parts are hand washable, hence, requires no excessive effort to get them done. The package comes with a combo tool, cleaning brush, pasta ring, hook, auger, and wrench. For a better culinary experience, KitchenAid also offers recipes along with the unit.

#2 Newcreativetop Manual Noodles Press Machine Pasta Maker

Do you like to create meals without wasting too much time and energy? Then the Newcreativetop Manual Noodles Press Machine Pasta Maker is exactly what the doctor has ordered. To make your pasta in this machine you just need to follow a few easy steps. You first start by kneading your dough and ensuring that you leave it soft. A trick you can use is to add some oil. Open the cover on top by unscrewing it and placing the dough inside the chamber. As your start to screw in the handle your pasta starts coming out on the other end.

When you have finished making your pasta cleaning the machine is quite easy. All you will need to do is to disassemble its various parts and then clean them. You can wash the parts in water without fear of any damage caused by corrosion.

While a lot of dishes are welcome with this device, we personally prefer how quickly it can make delicious lasagne in the most precise way possible. The attachments that come with it make it highly multi-purpose. Its durable structure lets you rely on the dishwasher for spotless clean-up in no time.

#3 Torchio Bigolaro Hand Press Pasta Maker

If you believe that food should be made with love, then you want to try the Torchio Bigolaro Hand Press Pasta Maker. This machine is delivered together with two different dies. One die is dedicated to the making of spaghetti and the other will be used for making rigatoni.

The machine is used attached to any table or workbench in your kitchen. You just need to note that the bench where you will screw the pasta maker is not included when you are buying. The dies are practically screwed in from the bottom, making it easy and practical to use.

Strongly built, this Italian product (with a holding capacity of 17 ozs) is bound to meet your expectation almost every time, no matter how dry or wet you keep the dough when you’ll be making pasta. Also, you can use the unit without any table. Because as an alternative, it has got holes for clamping it anywhere using the mounting hardware.

True, a few users complained against their receiving defective products. However, since the rate is too low to consider, counting on positive feedbacks from verified purchasers, we’ve come to the conclusion that by choosing the right die for your targeted dish, it’s nearly impossible to get depressed with the outcome.

#4 Marcato Atlas Regina Extruder Pasta Maker

marcato pasta extruderWith literally no electricity required, this Pasta Extruder Maker by Marcato can do magic by creating 5 different types of pasta variations. Bucatini, fusilli, macaroni, maccheroncini, rigatoni – all of them can get the perfect shape with absolute texture. No compromise with taste is another unparalleled feature you may not see in other models.

Along with its perfect taste and capacity to produce varieties of dishes with zero struggle, the Marcato Atlas also assures you of quality service for years to come. Thanks to its chrome-plated steel, it’s now hard to beat in terms of durability. And the shockproof plastic simply seals the deal.

More? This Italian appliance is food grade and its skid-proof feet let it remain stable while making mouth-watering pasta. Also, unlike other brands, it doesn’t take a lot of time to produce a certain amount of bucatini or macaroni to serve your guest all of a sudden.

Using it is also straightforward. You can see it work accordingly by attaching the preferred die shape on it. Once you fit the die, let the hopper have the flour dough while rotating the handle. And ta-da! You’re ready to collect your pasta in its best shape, length, and taste.

#5 Cuisinart PE-50 Attachment pasta extruder White

cuisinart pasta extruderIf making different types of pasta with a single unit seems intimidating to you, this genius pasta extruder machine by Cuisinart should do the trick. It comes with 6 pasta plates for creating six different variations –  small and large macaroni, spaghetti, rigatoni, fusilli, and bucatini. And not to mention, your guests will rave about how appetizing they taste even when you offer them homemade snacks.

Cutting to the chase, it takes less time than usual and the included storage case is just another boon to make your evening party fun-packed for several days. Turns out, you just need to work on this device for once and you can enjoy them several times. To start with it is also a breeze. Though it comes unassembled, fastening the parts together requires no more than a wrench.

In terms of cleaning, it takes absolutely no toll to get a nuisance-free clean-up in the dishwasher. And that being said, you can prepare your favorite snacks almost anytime you want! Besides, you’ll get an instruction manual to set it up. And have we mentioned a recipe book comes with the package? Finally, backed by a 1-year limited warranty, this unit will also ensure your peace of mind.

How Pasta Extruders Work

Pasta extruders work by forcing the dough in the chamber into a specifically shaped die. This means that the user should decide the shape of the pasta they want to come out on the other end. You will then have to insert a specific die with the shape of the pasta you want. The dough is pressed from the chamber into the die with the use of a crank of a liver.

This machine can be used to make various shapes including hollow ones such as macaroni. It can also be used to make complex ones such as rotelle, or your round shapes that make your spaghetti. Your ability to make the shapes depends on the dies you have. This means that the more dies you have, the more versatile you are. The machine you buy should be delivered with instructions on how you should use it.

Advantages Of Having A Pasta Extruder

While your pasta shapes can be used with a great deal of creativeness and cheating in the home environment using your hands, you will agree that this can be both frustrating and time-consuming. This is the reason why using a pasta extruder will work to your advantage. Getting a pasta extruder gives you the ability to be extremely versatile and creative in your kitchen. If you select your machine well enough you can select one that incorporates a pasta machine. This kind of machine will allow you to make your flat pasta such as fettuccine, lasagna, and linguine.

Tips And Tricks To Make Your Pasta Extruder Work Better For You

Once you have finished making your pasta in the machine, you have a choice of whether you will leave it to dry or you consume it immediately. In the event that you are planning to use the pasta, you have made later, remember to toss them with some flour. The reason for this is that you want to keep them separated inside the container that you store them in.

Another trick you can use to keep your pasta fresh if you are not planning to dry it is to freeze it. Your pasta can be kept frozen for up to six months. This will, however, depend on the type of dough that you use to make the pasta. Check out the dough, some are made to taste better when fresh yet other types are made to be used dry.


For Italian cuisine enthusiasts, pasta extruder machines are more than just a kitchen appliance. If you’re someone who also carries a passionate bearing when it comes to preparing pasta in multiple shapes and tastes, choosing the right model should be an important step for your culinary presentation. Because you can’t afford to have a pasta extruder machine that has a feeble construction, dough sticking issue, or that gets easily corroded, difficulty in clean up, and the like! Therefore, try to ensure the fundamental features such as straightforward installation, quick performance, dishwasher safety, and ease of storage in your chosen device to avoid after-purchase frustration.