Best Pasta Cutter Wheel

The Best Pasta Cutter Wheels – Buying Guide

Do you love pasta? Would you like to make it for yourself at home? If the answer is affirmative then you need to get yourself the best pasta cutter wheel you can find. The thing you will love is that you can experiment with your own ingredients and make your own recipes. All you need to do is to fit in the wheel and you are ready to go. In this article, we are looking at the best products in the market this year. There will be an explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular products that will help you choose the best one for you.

Top Picks : 5 Best Pasta Cutter Wheel

The Best Pasta Cutter Wheels

#1 LaGondola Professional Pasta Cutter Wheel

If you are looking for gnocchi that looks like it was produced by a professional, then you need to try the LaGondola Professional Pasta Cutter Wheel. This wheel will also work as a ravioli cutter. This is the wheel for someone who is proud of the way their food looks.

You will be amazed by the prominent zigzag pattern your food would have. The handle of this cutter is what places it on top of the other products in its class. It is manufactured from great wood to make it comfortable on your hand. Ready to turn your meal into a feast, this pasta cutter wheel is also constructed in a very durable way without compromising on how artistic it should look.

While its natural wood handle adds a dramatic appearance, the way it’s formed gives it a cozy feel even when you’ll be using it for a long time. The sturdy brass fork with its sharp smooth wheel will cut the pasta smoothly causing little bumps during the process. Thanks to its steel bearing that assures lifetime service preventing rusting effect in the long run.

Operating the cutter is very straightforward. Simply run it over the dough before you give it the shape of noodles using your hands. Throughout the procedure, it requires covering the dough and then the pasta with flour so that it doesn’t stick on hand or the base you’re working on. Once everything is done, a normal handwash is sufficient to get it clean.

#2 Scandicrafts Chefgadget Stainless Steel Pastry Crimper and Sealer

The Scandicrafts Chefgadget Stainless Steel Pastry Crimper and Sealer make whatever you cut with it look real professionally done and appetizing. The unit measures 2 inches in diameter, just enough to do the job for which is made. You will use this wheel whether you are cutting thin crackers or pasta for ravioli or lasagna. Name whatever you want to do, produce turnovers, filled Danish, dumplings, and push pastry and the wheel will gladly do it for you.

Not to mention, when you have this USA product in your kitchen, your homemade pasta, ravioli or pie crust won’t look alien to the guests anymore. Because using this pastry crimper, you can easily prepare a perfectly shaped, delicious feast whenever you want. In case, you’re looking to divide a creased or layered sandwich with it, chances are, you get disappointed. However, for softer and smaller ones, it works incredibly fine.

A few more downsides though – Some users complained about its flimsy construction. They said inside the roller, there’s nothing strong to keep it in shape, and also the handle is loosely attached with the cutter. Nevertheless, if you remain careful and maintain the correct amount of pressure in the wheel, this single investment can go for generations.

#3 Better Houseware Pastry and Ravioli Wheel

The manufacturers of the Pastry Ravioli Pizza Cutter by Better Houseware make this product with the aim of personifying versatility, durability, and practicality. The utensil measures 2 in diameter and its weight when you pick it up is just 0.8 ounces. This gives you the required space to be creative whether you are cutting pizza, pasta, or ravioli.

The handle and cutting wheels are separated from each other by a steel crossguard. This ensures that your hands will never be in contact with the cutting wheel. You can make your choice from two rolling wheels. This product is dishwasher safe.

Professional grade, this tool serves like the avantgarde ravioli maker that our ancestors used to use for making traditional dishes. A simple tip to follow – every time you run the cutter over the flour dough, give the stuffed ravioli bags enough time to air out. Otherwise, it’s never possible to get your padded pasta perfectly done.

Apart from preparing daily home feasts for your family or guests, you can use it to treat your pet dog(s) with gratifying zig-zag-shaped, thick, square snacks. Interestingly, the dough cuts will continue to have their well-defined edges after you bake.

#4 Happy Sales Pastry and Pasta Cutter Wheel – 1.5″ Diameter

Featuring a 1.5″ diameter chrome wheel, this item by Happy Sales can be your ideal choice. Be it some tasty cookies, or delicious lasagna sheets, or pasta, you can get it all done the way you want using this wheel.

True, this easy-to-use wheel may not give you a deep, sharp cut, but the good thing is you can do almost everything in your menu list with its not so profound cut. However, if you’re aiming to find something for deeper cuts as is required in pastry or pasta, your hunt for the perfect cutter doesn’t end here!

Other than that, this Italian product assures that the edges of your cookies will be pretty much in the same shape as your target. Also, you can have your pie dough stunningly fashioned or can present an adorable-looking tart before your visitors in no time. Needless to say, its wooden handle is just another add-on to provide you with smooth service.

A minor drawback – due to the curly shape, cleaning the cutter becomes a somewhat tougher job. However, when your need for the frequency to get these dishes done is limited, opting for the top-notch item is really worth.

#5 Wilton Pastry Wheel

If you’re skipping the previous model only because of its time-consuming cleaning issue, this dishwasher-safe item from Wilton will definitely be a smart choice for you. Equipped with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) with TPE over-molded slip-proof handle, it infuses a confident feeling in the users’ minds while working with oily substances.

Ergonomically constructed, this must-have cutter wheel also lets you get the flour dough smoothly shaped, cheers to its stainless steel blades! In fact, adorning your dining table with Italian cuisines will look much more attractive when you have this kit in your collection.

More? Its dual-wheel feature makes it easier for cutting in both straight and creased lines. DIY pastry makes or enthusiasts rave about how well this tool helps them achieve any sort of decorative design on the go. The grip is also very supportive and you can complete your dishes without losing control, and sacrificing on its preciseness.

Its straightforward usability lets even the amateur cook do fine, eye-pleasing work prepared on the plate. With no waste produced while shaping your doughs, its well-balanced blades feel like a boon in getting fancy lasagna noodles or the kind in real life. Overall, quality product for the money!


While a lot of pasta cutters are manufactured keeping their durability and corrosion resistance in mind, features like smoothness in operating or ease of cleaning may get missed. That being said, before you finalize a cutter wheel for creating your dream dish, it’s important you realize your need. And once you’re confirmed of its quality, feel free to bring any of it or two home and do some amazing artwork on your dining.