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10 Best Pasta Bowls – Reviews and Buying Guide

Your dining is the reflection of your personality, choice, and class. So it’s important which dinnerware you keep on your table. You may have a very good choice, but sometimes it’s hard to find the right utensils.

If you are a pasta lover and make pasta regularly, then your dining should well-equipped with pasta bowls with a lucrative and eye-catching outlook. It should attract your guest too.

Today’s pasta bowls are not just a pasta bowl; you can use these for noodle, soup, rice, roast, and many other delicious dishes. It’s an issue whether you like to use your bowl only for pasta or more than this one.

Pasta bowls with lots of brands and models flooded the market. You may fall into confusion about which one to select. Moreover, it’s hard to pick the best pasta bowls among these various brands.

Hence, this blog is well worth your investment. So let’s talk about it.

Buying Guide For Pasta Bowls

When you think of buying anything, you may feel indecisive about what sorts of items to get and how to choose the right one. Even reading reviews may not fix your mind if you are not sure what features should include in your pasta bowls.

We will discuss the basics of pasta bowls like the number of bowls in a set, the size of the bowls, and the materials used to make the bowls. Of course, you have your preference that should come into accounts.

Here, we are going to assist you in providing the list of factors that will be beneficial before buying.

1. Number of Pieces Included in a Set

It depends upon your requirement. Single set bowls, double set bowls, four even twelve to sixteen set of bowls are available. Selection made upon how many people you cook pasta for, how often you prepare it.

If you have parties frequently, it’s better to choose the set with as many bowls as possible. This should keep in mind that a set with fewer bowls is less expensive than a set with multiple bowls.

2. Materials Used to Make Pasta Bowls

Ceramic, glass, porcelain, melamine, and plastic are typically being used to make pasta bowls. Though all of those materials made bowls are running on the market, these days’ customers focus on ceramic and porcelain.

It doesn’t matter which material you choose. But health issues must be kept in your mind. Your chosen item should be non-toxic, BPA-free, and lead-free. Ensure authentic certification of the materials.

3. Selecting the Ideal Size

Like the other dining ware in the market, pasta bowls come in a wide variety of sizes. Ultimately, you need to note down the sizes you see and decide which size is perfect for you.

Generally, sizes start from 18 ounces to 40 ounces. Of course, big-sized bowls are going to take more space of your countertop. On the contrary, a smaller size bowl has fewer uses and cannot be used in versatile. Hence, choose the perfect size which suits your cabinet as well as serving.

4. Oven-Safe, Microwave-Safe, and Freezer-Safe Bowls

Nowadays people frequently use the oven, microwave, or freeze to reheat their meal or preserve food for further eating. If you are among them, don’t forget to choose a bowl or set of bowls that are compatible with your requirements.

Most of the bowls are now oven-safe, microwave-safe, and also freezer safe. Even a few are also in the market which is not compatible with those. In most cases, high-quality and durable ceramic, porcelain, or melamine-made bowls can fulfill this need.

5. Types of Designs

Designs and colors reflect your personality. Bowls with eye-catching designs enhance your dining beauty. It also increases your dish presentation.

Various designs come with a lucrative outlook. Rimmed pasta bowls, Italian pasta bowls, Japanese bowls, and deep plates are few designs that have very good demand among cooks.

6. Durability

Durability should be kept in mind. Chips and breaks resistant bowls must be in your choice for random use. Here, again comes the material used to make the bowls. Durability depends on the materials. Hence, make sure about the material before selecting.

Other facts that should be kept in mind are the price and warranty. Whether your chosen utensil is affordable or not and whether the manufacturer or seller gives you a warranty if they break when shipping.

The 10 Best Pasta Bowls for Many Delicious Dishes

1. Y YHY 30 Ounces Porcelain Pasta, Salad, Soup Bowls

Y YHY porcelain bowls are not just for pasta, with its large 30-ounce capacity salad, soup, cereal, burrito, stir-fries, seafood, strews and many more can easily be served.

This multi-purpose bowl is designed in a shallow shape which is 1.75” in depth and 8.5” wide (in diameter). This can be used as a plate and bowl simultaneously.

This utensil is straight-sided and wide-designed. The Interior and exterior are nicely polished. Due to its stylish outlook, this is suitable for entertaining.

White color is available when you search for a pasta bowl. However, other lucrative colors are also available on market. This one comes in shiny blue color. Its navy blue color can be complemented any table décor.

You would like its other features too. It made up of a highly durable material that can last for a long time. These materials make this drop and shock-resistant. So you can handle this dinnerware randomly.

Y YHY porcelain bowl can tolerate high heat which makes it oven and microwave safe. The freezer-safe option allows freezing your favorite meal for further taking.

Finally, it’s easy to clean, and use brings satisfactory customer reviews.

Highlighted Features : 

  • It has a large 30-ounce capacity
  • Multipurpose use makes this versatile
  • Can be used as a bowl and plate simultaneously due to its shallow shape
  • 75” in depth and 8.5” wide in diameter
  • Perfect for entertaining for its stylish outlook
  • Eye-catching navy blue color enhances dining beauty
  • Drop and shock-resistant makes this highly durable
  • Oven and microwave safe
  • Easy to use and clean


2. Lenox 6083885 Butterfly Meadow Individual Pasta Bowl

Do you like to add a touch of springtime to your dining? Then choose this Lenox 6083885 Butterfly Meadow pasta bowl. This colorful and playful utensil comes with hand-printed beautiful flowers and a butterfly. This painting welcomes the warmer weather to come.

These attractive bowls look like rustic pasta bowls. But this kitchen item is made with white porcelain material. Those who love melamine pasta bowls can buy this. This looks like traditional melamine dinnerware.

The porcelain material, used to prepare this item, makes the oven and microwave safe. You can move from microwave to table without burning your hands. Freezing up your favorite dish can be possible using this bowl as this item is completely freezer-safe.

This standard 20-ounce capacity bowl has an 8.75” diameter and the individual weight is 0.9lb which is light enough to hold.

This Indonesian cookware is made of chip-resistant material. This item is guaranteed by the Lenox Lifetime Breakage Replacement Program. This assures its durability.

Many users get worried about the design whether these will exist after repeatedly washing or washed away. Here manufacturer confidently guarantees the design longevity. Even previously used customers put positive comments regarding this issue.

Highlighted Features : 

  • This cookware is made with Lenox white porcelain
  • Unique design with flowers and butterfly
  • Chip-resistant enhances acceptability
  • This comes with a standard 20-ounce capacity
  • Lightweight at 0.9lb
  • This can take high heat which makes them oven and microwave safe
  • This trendy item is easy to clean


3. Corelle Bandhani 18-Ounce Bowl Set

Corelle is known as the most familiar name among all dinner-set brands. This brand makes durable, lightweight, stackable, and resistant to chips and breaks kitchenware items which helps them to hold a strong place in the culinary field.

Users who like simple designed rimmed pasta bowls can jot down Corelle Bandhani bowl set to their prospective list. These white pasta bowls with rim have a classical look to serve your guest. These rich, red band rims are scratch and wash-free or wear off.

Corelle Bandhani comes with an 18-ounce capacity, a standard size. Six deep pasta bowls make a complete set.

If you are looking for a durable pasta bowl then you can trust this brand. Triple-layer strong glass supports last for a long time.

Although this cookware made with a triple-layer, still this item is light-weighted. Its stackable size allows you to keep it anywhere in your cabinet.

Don’t worry about the chips and breaks. You can goodbye to them and say hello to sparkle and strength.

This catchy culinary item made with such an element that can take high heat which makes them completely oven or microwave safe. Its polished interior and exterior assist easy cleaning.

This USA-made kitchenware comes with a three-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Highlighted Features : 

  • White pasta bowls with rim bring a classical look
  • This rim is scratch and washes free
  • The standard size of 18-ounce capacity
  • Six pasta bowl makes a set
  • Strong triple-layer ensure durability
  • Can be handle easily due to its lightweight
  • It can be placed in dining and cabinet for its stackable size
  • Chips and breaks resistant
  • Oven and microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe


4. Sweese 112.002 Porcelain Salad Pasta Bowls 

One of the things that make these Sweese 112.002 porcelain pasta bowls different from the other is its colorful variation. Various eye-catching colors will beautify your table and perfect for guest serving.

This trendy kitchenware has versatile uses and suitable for all sorts of dishes like desserts, rice, beans, soup, salad, and so on. These bowls are excellent for your kid and/or pets for their smooth shape.

7.73 pounds weighted Sweese112.002 pasta bowls set are not overly deep (7.7*1.7 inch) and can easily be replaced as your lunch plate. The wide and shallow shape doesn’t allow stuck food and thus makes it easy to spoon out the last piece of your meal.

This stackable pasta bowl doesn’t need a lot of space in your cupboard. Its polished exterior allows easy to clean just using soap and hot water.

Premium quality lead-free ceramic ensures healthy food. Porcelain made this item durable. This cooking accessory is chip-resistant and sturdier than stoneware.

This 22-ounce capacity bowl is easy to use and clean. Besides, this heavy and substantial bowl is comfortable to hold.

Highlighted Features : 

  • This bowl is 22 ounce of capacity
  • Wide and shallow shapes
  • All white or multiple eye-catching colors are available
  • Can be replaced as a dinner plate due to not very deep
  • Food doesn’t stick to its surface and thus can easily spoon out everything
  • Perfect size makes this stackable and doesn’t take too much space
  • Lead-free and non-toxic ceramic is used to make these kitchen utensils
  • Microwave, oven, and freezer safe
  • Made with durable porcelain
  • A replacement and refund policy is available


5. Corelle Winter Frost White 20-Ounce Pasta Bowl

You don’t have to spend much on buying a quality product, especially when it comes to pasta bowl. If you are satisfied with plain white sets of bowls that are simply gorgeous to look at, then a lot to choose from is available.

Corelle Winter Frost White pasta bowl comes up with a simple white design without a fancy outlook. But the bowl is effective for its use of pasta, soup, salad, rice, and so on. With an affordable price, you are getting an excellent product.

This 20-ounce bowl is widely used in restaurants for its classic and stylish restaurant looking and also perfectly coordinated in the navy.

You may get many bowls with heavyweight, but this one is light-weighted. Don’t think about its durability. Manufacturing with triple-layer strong glass made this durable. This stackable utensil can easily be placed in your dining taking less space.

This chip-resistant unit is completely dishwasher safe. Placing the bowl directly to the microwave oven, you can bake your pasta as this set is fully oven and microwave oven safe.

You may know the Italian ceramic pasta bowls, but this American pasta bowl has excellent customer reviews. They are satisfied with its longevity, despite the low sticker price. Almost all reviewers listed this one in their best pasta bowls list.

Highlighted Features :

  • All sets are white
  • 20 ounces capacity is the perfect size for a single person’s meal
  • These bowls are made with Corelle triple-layer strong glass
  • These bowls are highly durable due to its triple-layer strong glass
  • Lightweight made this comfortable to handle
  • Stackable Corelle winter frost bowl is suitable to place in your countertop
  • This utensil is resistant to chips and breaks
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven and microwave safe
  • Comes up with three years manufacturer warranty


6. LE TAUCI Ceramic Pasta and Salad Bowls

Pasta bowls from Le Tauci come in a great size that can easily suit everyday dining. Its curved edge design is suitable for children or family pets.

This kitchenware offers a wide mouth to easy spoon out of pasta, though it has a shallow silhouette. If you like weighty and substantial then this item is for you.

These bowls are completely lead and cadmium-free. So don’t worry about your family health issue. Because of their timeless aesthetic, they feel at home to any counter-top.

These 45-ounce kitchenette accessories are just not suitable for pasta but soup, dessert, ice cream, rice, beans also can be kept to these bowls.

Very few pasta bowls are available which are comfortable while holding on. The weight and thickness of this bowl is perfect to hold on.

This easy-to-clean bowl will highly resist chips and cracks. Besides, the manufacturing of strong stuff made this culinary item highly durable.

The manufacturer gives value to your hard-earned money. Thus they offer you contact with them if you are dissatisfied after buying the product.

Highlighted Features : 

  • The perfect size of 8.5’’ dia and 2.4” depth
  • This 45-ounce large shallow pasta serving bowl is suitable for pasta, soup, dessert, ice cream, beans, and so on.
  • Wide mouth allows put in large size food and easy spoon out
  • It saves time by quickly cool the food
  • Thickness and weight are perfect to hold on
  • The smooth exterior gives comfortable handling
  • Lead-free and cadmium-free made bowls are fully safe and health-friendly.
  • These pasta bowls are made of sturdy, chip-resistant material
  • Highly durable with FDA-approved quality


7. Sweese 121.003 Porcelain Square Salad Pasta Bowls

In general, we see the pasta bowls are round. But it’s not a rule. You can try a different shape too. While round is certainly the standard, you can try six square pasta bowls from the Sweese brand.

Sweese 121.003 porcelain square salad pasta bowls can hold up to 30 ounces despite their different shapes. It conserves your cabinet space due to its square shape and also can be replaced as your dinner plate.

This Sweese kitchenware comes up with different colors that make your dining more colorful and stylish touch. You can choose the traditional all-white set or a mixing rainbow color. You could love to have different interior and exterior colors too.

Sweese always think about your health issue. They made this product from a beautiful non-toxic lead-free ceramic glaze and the pro-grade porcelain comes in assorted shades.

This culinary item is completely microwave, oven, and freezer safe which makes this easy-to-use. These bowls are easy to clean and can be washed with soap and hot water.

This durable product is long-lasting because of its chip-resistant option. If you face any difficulties with the product –don’t worry. Sweese offers free replacement and/or refund. So it’s well worth your investment.

Highlighted Features : 

  • You have the option to order all sets of white or sets of multicolor
  • This has a unique and elegant design
  • The square shape is stackable to any place in your cabinet and saves space
  • Professional grade porcelain made this item microwave, freezer, and oven safe
  • The bowl measures 8.5 x 1.6 inches that can hold 30 ounces of pasta and/or other foods
  • Made with premium lead-free and non-toxic ceramic


8. Villeroy & Boch Dune VAPIANO Pasta Bowl

Pasta lovers are familiar with the typical circular or square-shaped pasta bowls. But Villeroy & Boch Dune VAPIANO Pasta Bowl comes with a different curved shape. Foodies take different feelings when taking their favorite Italian noodles.

This ergonomically shaped kitchen utensil is ideal for two persons. The optimum depth is suitable for splash-free, clean enjoyment, and comfortably used for salads.

Smooth polished interior and exterior make it a classic look. Shock and impact-resistant edges ensure secure handling while you feel fear about cutting fingers with other sharp-edged bowls.

The stackable size of this kitchenware is perfect to place in your kitchen cabinet. A dimension of 28.8×28.8×9.8 cm is a universal measurement that every chef loves to keep.

Italian pasta bowls set has a good reputation for using high-quality material to make. But you can try this German-made item. This premium quality pasta bowl made with quality material that cares about your food thus cares about your health.

Its high-quality material can absolve up to 200 degrees Celsius. This feature made this ceramic pasta bowl oven and microwave safe.

This cookware is easy to clean. Its shiny white color enhances its beauty. You could love the trendy design while serving pasta to your guest.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Its curved shape brings a different look against regular circular or square shape
  • 8×28.8×9.8 cm is suitable for your countertop
  • Its optimum depth is ideal for two persons
  • Shock and impact resistant edge allows comfortable handling
  • Mirror polished interior and exterior
  • Made with porcelain material
  • This can tolerate up to 200 degrees Celsius
  • Fully oven and microwave free
  • All sets are in classical white color


9. Corelle Square Pure White 1-Quart Bowl Set

From regular meals to special occasions Corelle dinnerware has the same presence to your dining. Corelle offers various sizes and patterns of pasta bowls. This time we came with a deep in size and square-shaped dinnerware. It allows food in the center stage and makes you feel a seasonal touch.

This 1-quart bowl is suitable for serving to guests. Its classic white color with basic style brings simplicity.

You may worry about your previous bowl’s chips and crack. Now say goodbye to them! This can easily tolerate accidental bumps and tumbles and keep it chip and crack resistant. Thus it looks brand-new for years to come.

Corelle dishes are made with ceramic material that can take high heat. No matter whether you put them into microwave or oven, they can easily tolerate the heat and gives you perfectly baking meals.

The uniqueness of Corelle is its triple-layer design which makes this strong enough for random use. Easy to handle feature feels you confident while whipping up the kitchen.

The stackable size keeps your kitchenette neat and organized. This durable classy product is made in the USA and a three years limited warranty is given by the manufacturer.

Highlighted Features : 

  • This item comes in pure white color
  • It includes a 1-Quart bowl set with two 1-quart bowls
  • Squared deep shaped is perfect for pasta and soup
  • Triple-layer strong glass makes it durable
  • Its lightweight allows easy to use
  • Stackable size is perfect to place anywhere in your kitchen
  • Resistant to chips and breaks feels confident handling
  • This utensil is completely oven and microwave safe as well as dishwasher safe


10. Y YHY White 40 Ounces Pasta Bowl 

For those who love large pasta bowls, Y YHY 40 ounces pasta bowls could be a good choice for them. 9-inch pasta bowls are considered the standard large bowls. These 9.3-inch bowls will, surely, satisfy your need.

Its 40-ounce capacity is excellent not just for pasta, but for big portions of salads, soup, stew, roast, and many more dishes. This large bowl is perfect for 6 pack family pasta set.

If you have less time to cool your soup then you need a wide and shallow-shaped bowl. These Y YHY pasta bowls set are wide enough to cool faster than any other normal pasta bowls.

This kitchenware is made with high-quality porcelain material. The thickness of the porcelain is scientifically measured. So you can remove this bowl from the microwave without burning your hands.

White is known as a classical color. These all set of bowls are made of white. Their fancy outlook allows them to serve any type of dish.

People search on the internet for the best ceramic bowls. We are not assuring you like the best, but we can give you the guarantee that this will make a well worth of your investment.

Highlighted Features : 

  • This 40-ounce bowl is the largest among our selection
  • 3-inch bowls will satisfy your need
  • Versatile uses enhance its demand
  • This cookware is wide enough to cool your hot food quickly
  • Comes with high-quality porcelain material
  • White in color and polished outlook easily attract all

Final Words

Whether you’re looking for pasta bowls for your family or restaurant, you will get various types and brands of bowls that are available on market. Among all of those, we picked ten as per our best knowledge, searching, findings, and overall customer reviews and ratings.

The best pasta bowls are those that fulfill your demand and look great on your dining table or on your kitchen cabinet. Moreover, other issues are what sorts of dishes you are going to put on them and who you’ll be serving to. Keep all the aspects in your mind when selecting.

All of our options are good-looking, durable, and user-friendly. We try our utmost to make your searching easy.

Now, set your mind and choose the perfect one.