Best Gelato Maker

What is The Best Gelato Maker?

Whether it is for dessert or you are simply craving for a sweet cold treat, gelato is always a good choice. Some people say it is healthier and more delicious than ice cream. Either way, it is really delicious and hits your sweet tooth craving. If you have an eye for cold treats then having a frozen dessert maker is preferable over going to the store constantly. This will allow you to make your own gelato anytime with the ingredients you want. This way, you also have the choice to make it as healthy and creative as possible. Don’t forget you save time and money anytime you make food at home.

Experts Picks: Top 5 Gelato Maker

Top 5 Gelato Maker Reviews

#1 Cuisinart Ice-100 Compressor Ice Cream and Gelato Maker

This gelato maker for the home is a definite must-have. It is fully automatic and it also features a commercial quality compressor so you know you can have gelato similar to those sold in stores. Or you can make an even better and more delicious one. This machine has a bowl that can make up to 1 ½ quart of ice cream or gelato. It also comes with 2 paddles. One paddle is designed for making an authentic gelato and the other is designed to make creamy ice cream.

With your own Cuisinart gelato maker, you can always choose your own flavor to make or you can experiment mixing in different flavors and ingredients. It’s easy to use. Just pour the ice cream mixture inside the container and set the timer. In case, you forget to add some ingredients or willing to sweeten the flavor by including more sugar, simply open the window cut from its glass lid and mix it on the go.

Its 60-minute countdown timer lets you leave it on its own while you enjoy meals with your family. This comes with a 10-minute keep cool feature which enables you enough time if it is not yet to be served. It also comes with touchpad controls and a blue LCD readout to make sure you can operate it with ease and less effort.

#2 Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence Automatic Frozen Yogurt and Gelato Maker

This is considered to be one of the best-sellers not just of its manufacturer but in the worldwide market as well. This is a very flexible machine that can basically whip up any frozen dessert in a matter of minutes. it can make gelato, ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet.

This machine is made of brushed stainless-steel housing and a heavy-duty motor. This also features a large ingredient spout so you can easily add your favorite mixes anytime. Start with freezing its double-insulated 2 quarts freezer bowl at 0° temperature and leave it there overnight. Then put it back in the maker whenever you’re ready to create delicious ice cream. Set the ice cream dasher and put the lid on.

Above the lid, you can see an opening through which you can add yogurt toppings – like chocolate, small pieces of nuts, fruits, chips, or the kind – as the ice cream is about to be ready. It takes barely 20 minutes to get your flavourful, fresh, frozen dessert right at your home.

And once you’re done with preparing your favorite dessert, cleaning up the device is super easy. Simple design with no tricky parts included. Last but not the least, it also comes with an instruction book and a recipe book.

#3 Espressione Gran Gelato Metal Ice Cream Maker

This all-in-one frozen dessert maker can hold up to 1 liter of frozen dessert. This is actually more than enough for the whole family. It features a heavy-duty motor which allows it to whip up desserts in a matter of minutes. This is operated by 135 Watts of power and comes with a removable basket for easy cleaning. It also includes a measuring container and an ice cream scoop. This machine was installed with digital display and control buttons for easy and convenient usage.

Not to mention, this straightforward to use appliance can help your youngster treat his friends with a perfect yogurt or gelato at home party. English translation of its Italian instructions has made it easier for worldwide users. As for cleaning purposes, a simple handwash will do a fine job on its detachable bowl, scoop, and cover.

Since no restriction on ingredients is dictated on this ice cream maker, you can hope to use this versatile item for making almost all sorts of appetizing desserts. It works quietly, without making excessive noise. And due to its compact size, you can store it anywhere when not in use. Overall, every bit of this quick gelato maker is worth investment.

#4 KLARSTEIN Sweet Dreams Ice Cream Maker

If you don’t like the previous model owing to its pre-cooling requirement, the KLARSTEIN Sweet Dreams Ice Cream Maker is something you can’t afford to miss. Within 10 to 60 minutes max, you can present your ice cream at your guests’ serving bowl without requiring any pre-cooling of the system. It’s large up to 50 fluid ounce Enjoy with your full family

It’s easy to use. Set the preparation time using its two buttons and it will do the rest without demanding further attention. Its versatility offers to experiment with different recipes throughout the year. On special occasions, you can use this machine to serve different frozen, sweet items making both the kid and adult participants extremely happy.

While other models involve somewhat trickier steps to operate the device, managing this ice cream maker is a breeze. Your little one can also make his favorite dessert controlling its intuitive, top-side button. The best part? You can see how much time is remaining to see the yogurt ready. This feature helps not only saving your dish from getting overdone but lets you plan your other works away from the kitchen.

Peace of mind is its 12-month warranty. A full refund is also assured within 1st 30 days of the purchase. After that, you can ask for repair within the time span if requires.

#5 Breville BCI600XL Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker

“Set and forget” is the phrase that best explains the simplicity of use in the Breville BCI600XL. Its 12 hardness settings allow different levels of desserts depending on their density. The softer side starts with sorbet, then frozen yogurt, and as it progresses to a comparatively harder texture, you can have gelato and finally your ice cream ready with your chosen fruit(s).

Coming with a bowl of 1-liter capacity, this Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker helps to make a full-on treat for a small group at a time. Besides, its self refrigerating compressor uses minimal electricity, more precisely 110 to 120 volts, saving a lot of energy.

The pre-cool setting is also available to make the process faster. And when the yogurt is ready, you can serve instantly or wait up to 3 hours without raising/ dropping the targeted temperature.

And based on how busy you are, you can choose to have the system run automatically or go for a manual operation. While doing so, you’ll see two different modes – jingle and beep – to alert when the dessert is ready. You can keep it mute if you prefer.

A word to the wise though –  before you put the icemaker into practice, the outside of the container needs to be fully dry, otherwise, the water, turning into ice, can cause it to get stuck.


There are many different types of gelato makers out there, therefore, choosing the right one can be very overwhelming. However, as long as you know your requirements; such as how frequently will you need to use the item? Is it for your domestic use or some commercial purpose is involved? What container capacity would work best for you? Also, is precooling technology is something you can skip to fit your budget? Once you determine these criteria and see them match as closely to any of the gelato makers we reviewed above as possible, grab it and enjoy a fresh and mouth-watering gelato at your place. Any time!