Electric Meat Grinder


Are you looking for the best model meat grinder for preparing new recipes that you find in restaurants right at your home? Then you need to get ARKSEN 1100W Commercial #22 Industrial Electric Meat Grinder model. This meat grinder helps you to grind a large quantity of meat in a matter of minutes. However, instead of purchasing instant meat packets in the supermarkets that are filled with preservatives and additives, you can prepare the thickness of the meat for hamburgers and sausages at your home. This helps you to maintain a healthy diet without actually consuming much of your time to prepare it.


This ARKSEN 1100W Commercial #22 Industrial Electric Meat Grinder is a powerful meat grinder that grinds a large amount of meat in just a few minutes. It is a well-constructed and quality product that is perfect for commercial and home use. Moreover, this is considered an ideal choice for grinding meat on a regular basis to prepare hamburgers and pet food. This is quite easy to clean and occupies less of your kitchen space besides adding beauty to your modern kitchen. Its 1HP motor helps you to grind even the toughest meat quickly. Its stainless steel construction is highly durable and leaves no sharp ends, thus making it easy to clean and wash the grinder after usage.

However, stainless steel adds an attractive appearance to any kitchen. Moreover, the speed, functionality, and easy use feature make it a crucial accessory in the kitchen. The best part is that stainless steel will never get rusted in spite of using many times. The coarse and fine sharp grinding plates allow you to grind the meat as per your recipe needs. Moreover, you can explore and experiment with various recipes and tickle the taste buds of your family members by purchasing this model meat grinder. This easily grinds 450 lbs of meat in an hour. Undeniably, this meat grinder has undergone ETL and CE tests and was applauded for its performance and safe use. Its operation is so easy that even the users who are new to using food processors can grind the meat easily without putting in much effort.

This meat grinder is ideal to prepare delicious and lip-smacking food items such as meatloaf, hamburgers patties sausages, elk, wild boar, and game-like deer. This meat grinder unit will chop and grind the frozen meat quickly. The stainless steel loaded tray will allow you to close the hands at the meat for boosting productivity. The wide throat of the grinder grinds even the big chunks of meat at a faster pace and helps you to get the desired thickness that is required to prepare your recipe. It’s easy to remove the grinder head and stainless steel construction makes the cleaning process quite easy for the home and restaurant people. The design and manufacturing part of this model meets all the safety and health standards. This grinder has the power to grind bones, pork, and meat smoothly. This comes with a user manual that helps you use this grinder effectively and efficiently. You can easily dismantle and assemble the parts without anyone’s assistance.

The customers who have purchased the product have given mostly positive reviews. This is considered a powerful yet affordable meat grinder.


This is the powerful meat grinder that allows the users to grind a huge quantity of meat in a few hours. Moreover, the best part of this grind is its ability to grind frozen meat in a jiff. It is easy to use and occupies less kitchen space. Customers will love its speed, appearance, construction, and functionality.