About Us

Dry pasta is a full-fledged lifesaver: having a couple of packages in the pantry and a couple of more ingredients – tomatoes, cheese, oil or chilli – can make the difference between a rich meal and nothing more absolute. That is almost magic, but for the thing to be fireworks and trembling legs there is one basic thing: that the pasta is of good quality.

We have asked some of our favorite experts in the field – chefs, gourmets, Italians in general and lovers of good food in particular – to recommend us some of the brands that make them feel at home from the first bite. Yes, they are a little more expensive than the not-so-good ones. But taking into account that five generous servings come out of a half-kilo package and that pasta is the protagonist of the dish, it is worth paying the difference.

Although some brands are more difficult to locate than others, you always have the option of approaching the Italian products store that falls closer if they have them, or buying them online: they can be eaten with everything and they last forever, so it comes to be like investing in a closet fund (in this case, pantry).

We are devoted to provide fresh, good for you FAST food. It’s what gets us to work every morning and keeps us working late at night. we believe that you can eat great food, fast. It can be colorful and sloppy and just make you feel good. We believe yummy noodles served over a big bowl of warm homemade broth makes people happy and fills their bodies up with joy. we like to think of it as one big hug—from us to you.

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