Welcome to Wanna Pasta, my name is Giuliano, and thank you for visiting. Wanna Pasta was started by me because of my love for all things pasta, from making it to cooking it. When it comes to dealing with pasta, I have seen a lot of bad tips, tricks, and bad recommendations. I want to use my years of experience to educate my readers and make sure that you are more informed about products and can become a better cook overall.

My goal is two-fold. First, to bring you the best of the best, in kitchen appliances and gadgets dealing with pasta. I want to make sure every minute you spend in the kitchen is enjoyable and more productive. I’m a firm believer that you should make the process of cooking as easy as possible ensuring you can make the tastiest and healthiest recipes, all while saving time.

Second, pasta, like so many other things is seemly straightforward and simple but once you dive deeper and examine commonly held beliefs you will find out interesting it can be. I want to educate my readers about interesting facts and general information that will guide you to make better decisions around the kitchen.

So, browse around the site to find in-depth, reviews of a vast number of wonderful pasta products. Whatever your kitchen needs are, I want to make sure you are armed – with the best advice, the best reviews, and the best products including their Pros, and most importantly, their Cons!

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– Giuliano

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