Bowl of pasta

20 Fun Novelty Pasta Shapes

We are all familiar with the classic pasta shapes that we have eaten countless times in our pasta dishes. BORING, why not add a bit of fun to your meal and while these shapes are technically aimed at children I won’t judge if you end up indulging yourself.


All pasta listed below feature:

HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS – This pasta is made with 100% durum wheat and vegetable powders with pieces that are the perfect bite-size

MADE THE OLD-WORLD ITALIAN WAY – Using bronze dies and slow drying, creating a porous texture and more delicious taste

ALL NATURAL  – Our naturally vegan fun pasta noodles are Non-GMO and made in the USA

FUN PASTA SHAPES FOR EVERYONE – From animal-shaped pasta, sports, holidays, and more, our shapes are perfect for any occasion and craft projects too


1. Cat Lovers Pasta


2. Dog Lovers Pasta


3. Princess Pasta


4. Peace Love & Happiness Pasta


5. Pirate Pasta


6. Vineyard Pasta


7. Zoo Animal Pasta


8. Thanks a Million Pasta


9. ABC 123 Pasta


10. American Pride Pasta


11. Basketball Pasta


12. Baseball Pasta


13. Palm Tree Paradise Pasta


14. On the Run Pasta


15. Music Pasta


16. Happy Birthday Pasta


17. Dance Dance Dance Pasta


18. Good Luck Pasta


19. Girls Night Out Pasta


20. In the Woods Pasta