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White Mountain Hand Crank Ice Cream Maker F64306-X Review

If you want to offer churning and blending delicious ice cream to everyone at birthdays, picnics, family and religious gatherings, then you really need to check out the White Mountain Hand Crank Ice Cream Maker F64306-X. This hand crank ice-cream maker is so loaded with features that it’s unreal and mind-blowing. I had a great ice cream maker for many years that finally died out on me and necessitated that I search for a new maker. I had decided to buy another hand crank ice-cream maker to maintain the lovely bonding with it for many years and allowing best services. After reading the extremely details and many positive reviews on this one I decided that it was the best one for me.

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After placing the online order, I was really satisfied with the quick shipping of the machine and the fact that nothing was harmed in transit…

I often worry about buying appliances or other large products from the online shop because I have had negative experiences in the past. However, this ice-cream maker arrived completely unharmed and I was pleased to find that all of the constituents were included and safely tucked away in the box. I read all the directions included in the user manual and then got to work cleaning the maker. When that was completed, I threw in some ingredients for ice-cream making. Not only did this machine work as well as the old one that I had loved very much, it was actually better than old one.White Mountain Hand Crank Ice Cream Maker Review

I have used this ice-cream maker nearly every single day for several months and it shows no signs of worry at all and is still working as well as the day that I accepted it.

Features and Specification

This ice-cream maker is 19.2inches by 13.9 inches by 13.2inches and it weighs right around 17 pounds. The wooden bucket of this maker is created of selected pine from New England and to ensure lasting stability, it has bound with strong galvanized hoops and electroplated fittings. The tall design of the canister is responsible for the ice cream to come in close contact with the ice and rock salt and it makes the freeze faster by ensuring constant freezing temperature. The canister is made of heavy-duty stainless steel for providing many years of ice cream making facility. The original dasher system is manufactured of heavy-duty cast iron and it is electroplated for increasing durability.

So it will always maintain its original shape, and the self-adjusting beech wood blades ensure even scraping of the ice cream mixture on the interior sidewall of the canisters. It can make 6 quarts of ice cream within 30 to 45 minutes. It has 3-gear drive hand cranked system and steel inner bucket. The best part of this product that it offers 5 years limited warranty and a recipe book included.

Pros & Cons


  • The 6 quart makes better ice cream and it is the perfect instrument for ice cream, frozen yogurt, and other frozen confections.
  • The hand cranking system allows you to supply ice cream at anytime and anywhere.
  • This ice-cream maker is user friendly and can easily operate because no need of external power.
  • It provides better service than its price and improves family bonding by working with all family members.


  • Some users have noticed that it is not long lasting, but I don’t think so because I found great benefits from it.
  • The mechanism of gear sometimes creates problem to operate properly, but it is negligible. Some reviewers commented that it has been poorly made.


The White Mountain Hand Crank Ice Cream Maker F64306-X is a necessity for anyone who wants to provide ice-cream at anytime and anywhere. It is just an amazing ice-cream maker that allows you to ice cream, frozen yogurt, and other frozen confections. I was so disappointed when my old ice-cream maker finally gave out but, after using this maker, I could be happier and satisfied.

I can make so many fantastic ice creams and other frozen confections to feed my family and friends and I save so much money. I think the best part or the benefit of this ice-cream maker is to maintain the family bonding by working with all family members. The possibilities with this ice-cream maker are endless, and they even include a recipe booklet to get you started smartly. Though it is a traditional old machine, I have found all compatible characteristics with other brands. If you know anyone who likes to prepare ice cream easily and without any external power with at a cheaper rate, they really need this ice cream maker.

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