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Vitamix CIA Professional Countertop Blender with 2 HP Motor Platinum

The Vitamix CIA Professional series blender is not only a smoothie maker blender but also a multi-functional food processor and blender capable of helping you perform a huge number of tasks related to your food preparation. It can do not only blending and mixing but also excels at chopping, grinding, dicing, pureeing and whipping etc.

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With a 2+ HP motor it is capable of delivering a huge amount of power and control to prepare fruits, vegetables, frozen foods, crush ice, grind coffee beans or even chop up and mince meat. Unlike most food processors, it can be used to prepare both hot and cold foodstuffs. The Vitamix CIA Pro is not just a blender it actually a food processor designed for use by professional food makers including chefs and bakers to help create smoothies, desserts, beverages, batters, dressings, purees sauces, soups and other foods but has now been made available for home cooking.

Vitamix CIA Professional Countertop Blender

Ten Things you can do with the Vitamix CIA Pro

  1. Quickly crush chunks of ice and more.
  2. Make hot, fresh soup in less than four minutes.
  3. Process whole foods into a smooth consistency in seconds.
  4. Generate speeds up to 240 mph with a 2+ peak horsepower motor and laser-cut one-piece stainless steel blade assembly.
  5. Crack whole grains into natural cereal.
  6. Grind whole grains into fine flour for baking breads.
  7. Make homemade ice cream and sorbets.
  8. Make fiber–filled juices from whole foods in seconds.
  9. Grind and chops nuts.
  10. Kneed dough for breads and other baked goods.

BPA Free 64oz. Blender Jar/Food Container

The Vitamix Pro’s blender has a large 64oz. container (about 2.0 Litre) made of the trademarked Eastman Tritan copolyester – a special polymer known for its durability. This also means the Vitamix Pro jar is virtually unbreakable, more resistant to chemicals and also is not manufactured with BPA or phthalates so is BPA free and quite safe to use.

In addition, it is shatter proof and has sound damping – which is a relief considering how much power the motor delivers to the blades. The jar has been specially designed with a shape that consists of vertical triangular panels all around its insides.

This ensures that a powerful vortex is built up that draws all your food ingredients to the blades for even processing.

It is clear and see-through so you can see the state of your foods or smoothies at all times and has a sturdy solid looking soft touch colored handle designed to fit your hand so your can get a firm grip when you need to move the jar. At the jars top is a no-drip spout container so you can pour out your smoothies without spills.

The containers two-part lid has spill proof vents so your hot or cold foods have enough room to expand. It also has a removable lid plug marked with measurements so you can add measured quantities of ingredients while processing your foods. The easily cleanable standard blender container can be used for processing liquids, grains or kneading dough, while you can purchase additional containers if needed.


The base of the container supports the vitamix’s laser-cut precision stainless-steel blades. These come in a housing unit, which can be removed for cleaning or replacement with a special tool (not included as standard) – though you shouldn’t really need to remove them. The 2HP motor can generate enough power to whip the blades round at speeds of up to 240 MPH creating the smoothest possible blend in less than a minute.


Vitamix Pro Blender Motor and Power

The Vitamix Pro comes with one of the industries most powerful and efficient motors. At peak, it is capable of driving the blenders precision cut stainless steel blades with 2-horsepower of energy.

It comes housed in a solid, durable all-metal construction. The motor base is supported by 4 solid risers. Since it comes with a six foot long cord you can use your blender quite some distance from the nearest power supply and the cord can be conveniently stored securely wrapped beneath the motor base.

The motor is designed to protect itself from overheating by turning itself off so it can cool down and reset – usually within 45 minutes.

Blender Controls

The Vitamix CIA Pro has very simple controls on its control panel.They consist of a simple on/off switch, a speed selector switch which switch lets you choose between high speed and variable speed, and a speed dial that lets you vary the actual speed between 1 of 10 settings and is only active when the speed selector switch is set to its variable setting.’ High speed’ is the fastest speed the blender can produce.


This blender has an accelerator tool that has been designed to help process thick, dense ingredients by pushing them straight into the path of the blender blades while the blending is going on.

Apart from this, Vitamix’s CIA Professional series package includes:

  • Their “Create” cookbook – an easel-design recipe book designed to save counter space and packed with more than 300 easy-to-prepare recipes from several of USA’s top professional chefs – including Joanne, Weir, Michael Symon and Hugh Carpenter – all world-renowned chefs.
  • A companion cookbook “Recipes and Techniques” – which features more than 20 recipes and lots of tips from CIA Certified Master Chefs.
  • A one-hour DVD cooking class from a Master Chef
  • A simple manual that explains how to get excellent results and maintain the unit in good condition.


This gourmet blender comes with a whopping full 7-year warranty period, during which they will fix your blender or if unable to, will replace it for you.


  • Measures 8-3/4 by 7-1/4 by 20 inches
  • The metal base comes isn different colours including Platinum, Ruby and Onyx
  • You can also purchase accessories such as a tamper, 32oz.container jar and smoothie recipes.

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