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Vitamix 1710 Professional Series Review – How Good Is This Blender?

Blenders are one probably of the most under-appreciated kitchen appliances in the history of home food preparation. Often, blenders will be whipped out for a quick beverage or smoothie, but not much for everything else.  They spend their days lying in the cupboard or the cabinet until they are taken out to create milkshakes.

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Of course, not every family makes milkshakes every day, and it is considerably easier to just buy them from a local diner…

Many people overlook the capacity of the blender, and many have switched allegiances and moved on to using other kitchen appliances such as food processors and choppers for food preparation.  What many people does not realize is that a good blender can easily replace many other “indispensable” kitchen appliances.  Any kitchen that is used to prepare good food should always have a refrigerator, a coffee maker (or espresso machine, if that is what you prefer), a microwave oven, a good stove, a good conventional oven, and a great blender.  With these kitchen appliances, a bit of creativity, and plenty of resourcefulness, of resourcefulness, you are on your way toward culinary greatness.

Vitamix 1710 Professional Series Review

One of the blenders that you should look into for your home is the Vitamix 1710 Professional Series in Brushed Stainless Steel, especially if you want your kitchen appliances to look good and function better.  Let’s explore the various features of the Vitamix 1710 Professional Series in this article.

Versatility in the kitchen

An appliance is something that should help you perform your tasks and chores at home faster, easier, and more efficiently.  They should not stop at looking pretty or being expensive enough to assure people of your social status. The main benefit of owing a Vitamix 1710 Professional Series is its versatility in the kitchen.  While blenders are primarily known for appliances reserved for beverages, the Vitamix 1710 Professional Series can be used for blending, pureeing, chopping, mixing, and more.  Gone are the days when you have to use ten other appliances while preparing a rather complicated meal—with the Vitamix 1710 Professional Series, you cut the preparation time and the clean-up time.

You will just use one appliance (the Vitamix 1710 Professional Series) for many steps in your recipes.

Variable Speed and Pre-programmed Speed Options

Vitamix blenders are known for their Variable Speed options.  If you have been cooking for long or have undergone intensive training in food preparation, then you probably know that blender speed is important to make sure that whatever you are preparing with it will turn out perfect and delicious.  Unlike the other blenders in the market, the Vitamix 1710 Professional Series comes with the patented Variable Speed system, as well as pre-programmed speeds.  These pre-programmed speed options are designed for those who are not “professional” chefs but would like to take the entire guessing process when it comes to operating a blender.

blender parts

Many people who want to use blenders to help them prepare healthy and great-tasting meals for their family find out the hard way why standard blenders are cheap.  Often, standard blenders have to be checked once in a while—the lid lifted and a spatula required stirring the ingredients around—and this seriously adds more time to the whole food preparation process.  For people who value their time and insist on making the most out of every minute, the Vitamix 1710 Professional Series is a very important companion in the kitchen.  Purees, smoothies, juices, milk shakes, dressings, batters, sauces, and soups will be a breeze to prepare with the Vitamix 1710 Professional Series.  Healthy, great-tasting gourmet meals will be fast and easy to prepare with the Vitamix 1710 Professional Series — all you need is the freshest ingredients and a touch of creativity.

The pre-programmed options are somehow limited–options are for Smoothies, Hot Soups, and Frozen Desserts, but they ensure perfect and consistent results every time.

Heavy-duty Motor

On the base of every stationary blender is the motor that allows the blades to cut through the ingredients and blend the things you have put into the blending jar.  Not every blender is created equal—there are substandard and inferior blenders that do not have a powerful motor.  A weak motor will severely limit the capabilities of a blender. It is a good thing that the Vitamix 1710 Professional Series has a relatively powerful motor.

The Vitamix 1710 Professional Series is equipped with a two-horsepower motor that will help you prepare your meals faster and easier.  While clearly not the most powerful motor in the market, the motor of the Vitamix 1710 Professional Series is just right for home use.  The Vitamix 1710 Professional Series motor will also not require a lot of electricity—making this appliance more efficient in terms of energy.

Smoothie maker

Pulse option

If you like cooking, then there are probably a lot of recipes that you use that require a personal touch or a deviation form the process.  For all these recipes, the Vitamix 1710 Professional Series boasts of a convenient pulse option that will make you wonder why the other blenders cannot be more like the Vitamix 1710 Professional Series.

Other Noteworthy Details

Aside from the impressive features mentioned above, there are other details that the Vitamix 1710 Professional Series blender has to offer.  There is the oversized 64-ounce blending jar made with BPA-free material and topped with a spill-proof vented lid and a generous jar handle that will allow you to have better grasp of the jar to avoid spillage. The sleek brushed stainless steel finish is also finger-print resistant, and the “feet” supporting the base are non-slip—allowing the Vitamix 1710 Professional Series to stand sturdily on your kitchen counter.

The Vitamix 1710 Professional Series measures at 20 x 8.8 x 7.2 inches and weighs in at a manageable 14.2 pounds.  The Vitamix 1710 Professional Series also comes with a beautifully designed recipe book titled Create, which is packed with hundreds upon hundreds of easy-to-prepare recipes culled from the repertoire of the country’s best chefs, including Michael Symon and Hugh Carpenter.  A cooking class DVD is also included, as well as a seven-year Performance Warranty.

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