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Toastmaster Bread Machine Review

A bread maker is a home tool used for making loaves. It is built fully equipped with a bread pan, a mini baking purposed oven and other operational effective for perfectly baking a bread. The oven is operated by a computerized system which is manually worked through on a control panel. However, not all bread making machines are they are made with similar and different features and specification. Every so often there is the need for a special homemade bread which obviously cannot be sourced from a shop or store and as such, the need for the machine in the home is important. Many different kinds of dough can be made in these machines including white bread, wheat bread, pizza base, shaped loaves and also French toast loaves.

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When you are considering getting a bread maker, your first choice should lie on the:

Toastmaster TBR15 1-1/2-Pound Breadmaker

Toastmaster TBR15 1-1/2-Pound Breadmaker
This toastmaster breadmaker is able to hold and bake a 1 ½ lbs loaves perfectly while selecting your specification for your bread. These specifications including light, slightly browned or medium level bread center and light, brown, dark, etc crust.  There are 8 different bread settings for manual setting by the operator while having a large view window to constantly check your bread. A fascinating feature involves a 13-hour built in delay timer which somewhat goes on pause until operator is ready to finish the product and remove it. It also has a “keep warm” feature for constant warming until ready to eat. They come in different colors and with slight additional features to enhance the use of the product.

It is easy to clean and is made of durable material which is able to last a long time. Also, it is able to store easily and is not susceptible for easy damaging.

Operating  a breadmaker is not all that complicated and with the manuals that come with each purchase, they have clear outlines for easy follow. When making a bread in a bread maker, you must ensure you have all the needed ingredients with the right proportions that is suitable for the machine. You cannot expect to have a 2 lbs. Dough in a 1 lb. Breadmaker.

When making a bread, ensure you:

  • Know your machine. Checking all the features and comparing them with other products such as Cuisinart will enable you to know exactly where to find a selected options if needed at anytime during the baking process
  • Check the capacity of the baking pan. Ensure there is not too much ingredients for a smaller pan
  • Get your ingredients. Organize your ingredients as per the capacity of the baking pan. Select the right proportions of each ingredients to be used. These include, flour (white/wheat), sugar/honey, oil, salt, water, yeast, spices.
  • Add the liquid ingredients to the pan first after starting and then you add the flour. Spread the flour over the water to have it at base. After this, add the other dry ingredients and then add the yeast. Ensure you do not let the yeast touch the liquid before the machine starts mixing as they will automatically become active and not create an effective result.

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