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STX 3000 Megaforce Review

STX International is known for having the best meat grinders on the market. The STX 3000 Megaforce is a superior model that brings together quality and affordability so that anyone can grind meat to perfection. This model is moderately priced at just $199 and comes with so many accessories that you simply cannot afford to pass this offer by. Let’s take a look at some of the great features that the STX 3000 Megaforce has to offer.

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Features and Specifications

  • 3000 watts of power.
  • 3 speeds.
  • Safety setting to shut off the machine if it is at risk of damage.
  • Cooling system for added longevity.
  • No. 12 grinder.
  • 99.8 percent customer satisfaction.
  • 1-year fix or replace guarantee.

STX 3000 Megaforce Review

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The STX-3000 Megaforce simply works. This is not a commercial grinder, but it has the power to handle grinding meat quickly and efficiently. There is no grinding per hour listed, but users have easily been able to grind 15 pounds of meat in just 5 minutes. The 3000 watt motor powers 3 tempered steel plates to slice through the toughest meat with ease. Fine, coarse and medium grinding plates are provided. Cleaning takes just a sponge and a bit of soap. Users that want to make sausage or kibbeh will be able to use the 3 tubes provided to make delightful sausage that are up to a ½ inch in diameter.

From the moment this grinder is turned on, users will be able to feel the cooling system ensuring that the motor never gets too hot and that they will be able to cut meat for hours without worry. If the motor gets too hot, the grinder will shut off to ensure that no damage occurs.


Grinding bones is not possible with this grinder. In fact, you will eventually break the grinder if you choose to add bones into the grinding process. While some commercial-grade grinders are able to cut through bone, this model simply will not. Cleaning must also be done by hand as the aluminum will tarnish over time. This means that the cleaning process is a little longer than other models, but you should never put your grinder or its parts in the dishwasher anyway.

Our Assessment

The STX 3000 Megaforce is a very durable meat grinder that is perfect for home use, but not ready for commercial use. If you want to grind an entire deer, you will be waiting for quite some time. Instead, this grinder is priced well below commercial grinders and comes with nearly the same power. The manufacturer even offers a 30 day trial period, but you must use the grinder only for meat. Users that add bones, peanuts or other hard material into the grinder will find that their unit will break. For under $200 (including the extra cutting plates, sausage and kubbe tubes and a beaner plate), the STX 3000 Megaforce is simply a meat grinder that you must buy. If you have been wanting to grind your own meat and have been putting it off, this is the absolute best grinder for the price. Buy yours today and see just how easy meat grinding can be.

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