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Helpful Sanyo Electric Rice Cooker Review

Do you enjoy a variety of healthy dishes that include rice? Are you tired of that rice that looks soggy and unappealing to the eye when you dish for your family or guests? Check out this Sanyo Rice Cooker and change the way you look at rice.

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sanyo rice cooker

Product features

  • Easy operation with a single-switch operation.
  • The inner pot does not stick.
  • It has a keep-warm function.
  • The lid is specially designed to prevent boiling over. Added to this are a steam vent and dew collector.
  • Enjoy the ease of using a measuring cup, spatula, spatula holder, and instructions included.


Why the Sanyo Rice Cooker is the market leader

  •  It makes healthy dishes easily

This cooker will allow you to enjoy easily prepared healthy dishes with the Sanyo multifunction appliance. The flavor, nutrients, and taste are contained due to the good sealing that the cooker is endowed with. You can prepare up to 11 cups of cooked rice in this cooker (check other rice cooker reviews here).

  • It is versatile

Apart from cooking your rice, you can also make soup and steam vegetables. A two menu switch allows you to control the heating elements for cooking rice meals or making other foods such as porridge or soup.

  • Prevents boil over

This cooker takes advantage of a specifically designed lid to eliminate the risk of boiling over porridge or soup. The included steam tray will makes it possible for you to steam your vegetables while the non-stick inner pot allows for the preparation of food.

The keep-warm function will allow you to keep the food warm and delicious for some time…

  • Convenient carrying handle

The cooker’s steam vent and dew collector are removable and easy to clean. The convenient carrying handle allows you to bring your food directly to the table without worrying about burning your fingers. The carton will arrive with a measuring cup, spatula, and multi-language instruction manual. These are multilingual in English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.


What those who have used it say about the cooker

Sanyo Electric Rice Cooker 5-1/2-cup electric rice cooker with porridge/soup cooker and steamer

  • It’s the perfect size

Reviews about this cooker show that this as a wonderful product. Reviewers like the perfect size of the cooker and its excellent value and price.

  • Warmer mode

Reviews also show that the pot knows when your rice is cooked. Once the cooking is done the cooker goes into warmer mode. Always remember to switch the appliance on when not in use.

  • Easy to clean

A few if the reviews mention that the cooker is hard to clean. However, a closer introspection shows that those who find it hard to clean are doing something wrong. It is actually easy to clean. Just rinse the rice before you cook so that you will get rid of the starch. This eliminates that foamy/boiling water mess. As unpopular as this advice is, it is advisable to wash the pot straight after cooking. This makes the pot clean easily. Pop out the top lid, condensation cup and clean easily.

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