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Sanyo Digital Convection Toaster Oven Review – How Good Is It?

The Sanyo Digital Convection Toaster Oven SK CV8s provides easiness in cooking and versatility.

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Product Highlight

  • Has 1500 watt power
  • Upper and lower heating element with temperature range from 140-500 degrees
  • large 2/3 cu ft interior
  • This toaster oven has six different cooking modes: toast, bake, convection bake, pizza, defrost, and broil.
  • Convection setting for quicker cooking
  • It also comes with a rack that can be positioned in six different ways for versatility as well as six shade settings, which allow users to cook their food however soft or crispy they would like.
  • The toaster also comes with progammable timer from 1 min to 4-hour
  • A digital keypad with LCD display
  • Comes with a enamel coated cooking pan and pizza tray included.
  • The unit itself is 20 1/5 inches long by 10 1/5 inches high and 12 4/5 inches in depth.
  • And it is made out of stainless steel

Sanyo Digital Convection Toaster Oven Review

Customer Review


Users of this particular product noted that it had some great features. One of those features was its ability to toast bread very well. The toaster did a really good job with leaving bread nice and toasty. A second good thing about this toaster was its ability to bake very well. Users noted that the finished baked products were baked thoroughly, though they also advised that people read manufacturer’s instructions on how to place baked products in the oven as position is important to the result you desire. A third feature that users liked very much was the toaster oven’s convection feature.

The users reported that whenever they used the convection feature to cook food, their food came out evenly cooked every time…

And the last features that users liked about this toaster oven were its digital keypad with LCD display, which is good and easy to operate, the fan in the oven, which helps the food cook evenly, and the oven timer, which beeps loudly when the food is done cooking.The Sanyo Digital Convection Toaster Oven SK CV8s


But just like users had good things to say about this product, they also had some bad things to report about it. The first negative thing that they had report was that the only setting that really allowed a 500-degree temperature was the broil setting. The other five settings all had lower temperatures. A second negative thing that users had to say about this toaster oven was that the oven’s parts are not necessarily durable. A couple of users even reported that the door hinge of their ovens broke off after a few months of use. The third bad thing about this toaster oven, according to users, was that the design has its flaws. The biggest flaw, according to them, was that the oven’s glass door is held onto the unit by only one rivet, making the door very delicate and susceptible to breaking apart from the unit.

Another bad thing about this product is that the digital timer, although convenient and easy to use, can be a challenge at times as the timer is not composed of a numeric pad. Instead, the unit has one up and one down button to adjust time and the oven also has six buttons, one for each of the six settings. And the last two things that users reported about this product were that the fan in the oven was quite loud and that there wasn’t a light built into the oven to be able to see whether their foods were done.

Is Sanyo Digital Convection Toaster Oven SK-CV8S Worth to Purchase?The Sanyo Digital Convection Toaster Oven SK CV8s

So even though the Sanyo Digital Convection Toaster Oven SK-CV8S had some good things about it, for the most part, users had bad things to say about it. From design flaws to poor workmanship and not very good materials, users for the most part were unhappy with their ovens. So if you are considering purchasing a toaster oven that also has the versatility of different cooking functions, don’t consider buying this particular product. Besides all the bad things that have been mentioned about it above, it is heavy at 20 pounds and it is priced at a little more than $50, making this oven not portable and rather expensive for the bad quality it has. Consider shopping around for a good quality and reasonably priced toaster oven instead.

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