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3 Best Saeco Coffee Makers Review

Whether you are looking for a brand new sparkling or a refurbished coffee maker, you can select Saeco Coffee Maker that suits your pocket. Below you will find our detailed review that will reveal the real truth about the product and reveal all advantages and disadvantages of the product.

SAECO Pure Automatic Espresso Machine

Saeco Coffee Makers

The SAECO Pure Automatic Espresso Machine is the machine for the coffee connoisseur who enjoys their coffee just the way they want it. It will deliver your coffee according to your personal preferences.

The main reasons why this machine is a good buy

  • The classic milk frother will ensure that you can enjoy the milk in your coffee.
  • It boils your water real fast.
  • The machine’s metal grinders make sure that every bean is ground the way it should.
  • You will never worry about descaling. It comes with an automatic rinsing and descaling function.

The adjustable spout on our espresso machines will fit every cup and thus prevent coffee splashing or cooling down while pouring in your cup. This way your espresso is always served at the right temperature while maintaining a clean environment.

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SAECO X-Small Automatic Espresso Machine with Built-In Grinder

SAECO X-Small Automatic Espresso Machine with Built-In Grinder

Measuring 15.2 x 15.3 x 16.5 inches and 19 pounds in weight the X-Small Automatic Espresso Machine will suit a small family while ensuring easy storage.

  • This machine comes with the traditional quality of the SAECO coffee machines; their ability to create delicious milk froth.
  • It’s time to say goodbye to the burned taste in coffee. The machine uses the 100% ceramic grinders to make this possible.
  • The adjustable grinders allow you to select the richness of your coffee (other recommended product with this feature: Delonghi ec705).
  • The machine will maintain a clean state. Automatic circuit cleaning makes this possible.

If space is of the essence, this coffee machine may be the answer to that challenge. Its size means that you can have the best coffee, without a machine that takes too much space on the kitchen counter.

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Saeco Intuita Superautomatic Espresso Machine (Certified Refurbished)


Saeco Intuita Superautomatic Espresso Machine (Certified Refurbished)

Maybe you are looking for a bargain. The certified refurbished Saeco Intuita Superautomatic Espresso Machine will come with a warranty for your peace of mind. You will also be assured that the machine has been properly tested, cleaned, inspected and repackaged to look as good as new.


Even though this is not a brand new machine, it will come with the following features;

  • A minimum 90-day warranty
  • Simplified programming
  • The machine’s pre-infusion technology wets the grounds in order to return the greatest flavor
  • Before you brew, the machine will auto rinse. It will do the same when you finish. This will help to keep your machine clean.
  • It also uses ceramic blur grinders. These have the capacity to remain sharp and are not prone to overheating.

This machine will deliver the coffee you want as it has the ability to allow you to be in control of the froth of your milk. If you want a dry cappuccino, you will get just that. If what you want is a creamy latte, you will get that too. Even though this is not a brand new machine, it is quality inspected to give a service as a good as new.

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