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Newair Portable Ice Maker AI-100CB Review – Only The Truth…

If you are in the market for an ice machine then you need to look into the Newair Portable Ice Maker AI-100CB. My refrigerator does not make ice and I was getting really tired of having to make ice in small trays in the freezer. On top of taking seemingly forever for the ice trays to freeze, my kids and husband would often empty and use the ice before I even got a chance. On top of that, I always had to pick up bags of ice from the store whenever we were planning to host a dinner, party, or have friends over for the game. Paying ridiculous prices for frozen water was really getting annoying. I wanted something that would allow me to make ice at home quickly so that I didn’t have to deal with ice cube trays or buying ice from the store any longer.

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A friend of mine had a beautiful blue ice machine and after asking her about it I went online and looked this product up. It seemed to be absolutely everything that I was looking for so I took a chance and made the purchase, hoping that this would fit all of my needs. I was so excited when the box arrived and was pleased to find that it was in immaculate condition. The machine itself was very beautiful and I was excited to get it running and making ice. Within just a few minutes I had it cleaned and ready to go, and within an hour I had it plugged in and making ice!

It is so easy to use and has been a real time saver for my household…

Newair Portable Ice Maker AI-100CB

Features and Specification

This ice maker is 14.5 inches by 11.8 inches by 15 inches and it weighs a total of 24.3 pounds. The outside is a beautiful blue color. There is a drain mounted on the side of the ice maker which makes cleaning up insanely easy. There are indicators that light up to tell you when the ice bucket is full and when you need to add more water. You can select from three different sizes for your ice cubes and this machine will make 28 pounds of ice in 24 hours!

The buttons for the controls are very easy to push, making this great for people who may have difficulties working knobs. This ice maker is also portable!

Pros & Cons


  • This ice maker has a drain on the side of the unit which allows you to drain excess water and easily clean up after using the machine.
  • You can have ice made in as little as six minutes! Plus this machine will make 28 pounds of ice in 24 hours.
  • The exterior of the machine is a lovely blue color which makes it look very cute and modern, and its manufacturing is incredibly sturdy and reliable.
  • This machine is portable, meaning that you can take it with you almost anywhere that you need ice!


  • This ice maker is somewhat bulky which can make it a difficult or awkward fit to maneuver into your kitchen cabinet.
  • This machine might be considered heavy by some customers, which could make it hard for them to carry or move around.
  • This ice machine can be somewhat noisy, especially if you are not used to the sound of an ice maker working. This could be a potential issue for some customers.


The Newair Portable Ice Maker AI-100CB is an awesome machine that nearly anyone could benefit from. It creates ice in as little as 6 minutes! This thing is great for any home that lacks an ice maker, or anyone who likes to have ice at parties, barbeques, camping trips, or tailgating games. Beyond that you can even use this ice maker at events like weddings or graduation parties where you know that a lot of drinks are going to be served. It is so easy to use that virtually anyone can do it and the cleanup is even simpler thanks to the drain on the side. This machine doesn’t require any permanent installation at all, like so many other freestanding ice machines on the market. All you have to do is plug it in and pour in the water. The machine will take care of the rest in just a few minutes. If you or anyone that you know is in need of an ice machine, buy or recommend this product to them. It is an absolute time saver and it really does work like a dream.

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