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Margaritaville DM1000 Frozen Concoction Maker Review

If you’re looking for a no-fuss blender that gets the job done right the first time around, the Krups KB790 Die Cast Blender is for you. This attractive blender sports a die-cast metal base and is black in color; perfect for the gourmet kitchen. It has six stainless steel blades that break down everything, working quickly to produce perfect results each and every time. There are plenty of features to enjoy such as the pulse function on every setting, five levels of speed, seven programs and an ice crush setting.

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With low noise output and 1000-watts of power, the Krups KB790 Die Cast Blender is an efficient, technologically-advanced appliance that will take the work out of preparing smoothies, soups and juices…

Krups KB790 Die Cast Blender Specifications:

  • Product Dimensions: 10.9 x 8 x 14.6 inches; 10 pounds
  • Features: 6 powerful blades, 7 programs, 5 speed levels, die-cast metal base, variable pulse mode, slow function, ice crushing function
  • Color: Black
  • Power Output: 1000-watts
  • Warranty: One year

Margaritaville DM1000 Frozen Concoction Maker review

What’s So Great About the Krups KB790 Die Cast Blender?

  • Patented Motor: Even with all the power packed into this blender, you’ll find that its operation is very quiet. Other blenders are loud and can make preparing meals difficult, especially if you don’t want to disturb the household in the morning. The Krups KB790 Die Cast Blender uses motor technik patented technology to create the low noise output so that you can enjoy cooking any time of the day. Even crushing ice is made quiet with the patented motor.
  • Stainless Steel Blades: Blenders are most efficient when they have powerful blades that break down the foods. All blenders are built differently, which is why they produce different results and why some are better for certain types of tasks and not others. With the Krups KB790, the blades are made from highly resistant “martensitic” stainless steel and are super powerful. They work fast to break down all ingredients and create smooth consistencies whether you’re working with ice, fruit or herbs. The blades are also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
  • Superior Design: While other blenders may have a nice design or a powerful motor, they fall short in other areas. The Krups KB790 seems to outshine in all areas, as it has an attractive die-cast metal base, large capacity 60 ounce jar that is made from thermal shock-resistant glass and a tight fitting lid. The lid locks into place easily and has a very tight fit so that you can walk away from the machine while blending and feel confident that the food won’t splash all over.
  • Technology: The Krups KB790 is very well intended, as it automatically shuts itself off if it jams and will not burn out the motor. The jar is large and great for families or those that entertain, plus is made from thick shock-resistant glass that looks attractive and prevents the blender from having foul odors. And instead of starting out really fast where the contents in the blender have a tendency of shooting out, the Krups starts slow and then works its way up to speed. The appliance also features an innovative locking jar bottom where you must turn the blender upside down to remove the bottom, plus has tight-fitting lids that you won’t need to fuss with. All parts, with the exception of the motor, are dishwasher safe.
  • Options: Instead of getting an appliance that only has High and Low settings, the Krups comes with five speed settings for various textures, a specific ice crushing function and variable pulse mode on all settings. Unlike other blenders that may only be good for chopping or juicing, the Krups KB790 can handle all tasks because of the balance of settings and powerful blades. There are seven programs for maximum efficiency as well.


What’s Not So Great About the Krups KB790 Die Cast Blender?

  • Expensive: They say that you pay for what you get, and in this case, it’s true. The Krups KB790 Die Cast Blender doesn’t come cheap, although it’s not as expensive as some of the other high-end blenders on the market that have blending speeds of 200 mph. That being said, you can find many other blenders for half the cost, and the Krups doesn’t come with any fun accessories as some blender and food processing systems do. While you will pay more for the blender, you definitely won’t be sorry. The quality and power of this machine surpasses others on the market. If you’re on a budget and looking for a moderately priced blender however, you may find that the Krups is a bit out of reach.
  • Advanced: To get the most out of this Krups blender, you’ll need to spend time learning the functions. For many people, having more options is better, as this allows you to achieve the results you’re looking for. However, if you’re not good with digital control panels or are making this purchase for someone that is not, you’ll find that the Krups KB790 Die Cast Blender is not exactly straightforward. There are five speed settings instead of the standard two and seven programs to choose from. Don’t let this persuade you in the other direction; just know that you’ll have to take the time to learn – or teach – the programs so you can take advantage of what this blender has to offer.

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Is the Krups KB790 Die Cast Blender a Great Purchase?

The Krups KB790 Die Cast Blender is a wonderful purchase for the modern-day cook or family. You don’t have to be a master chef to use this machine; it’s simple and will make mundane tasks around the kitchen effortless. With a stylish design, you won’t mind showing the blender off on your countertop, and the die-cast metal base, black exterior and heavy glass jar add to the upscale appearance and high-end quality.

Perhaps the biggest accomplishment is the low noise output that is compliments of Krups patented noise reduction technology. With all the power packed into the appliance, as well as six stainless steel blades and a large capacity jar, you’ll find yourself making excuses to use the Krups KB790 Die Cast Blender – it’s just that fun. Get Krups KB790 Die Cast Blender at the best price available today.

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