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Margaritaville DM0500 Bahamas 36-ounce Frozen-Concoction Maker Review

The Margaritaville DM0500 Bahamas 36-ounce Frozen-Concoction Maker is perfect for anyone on a budget and looking to get one of the great Margaritaville Blenders. COme read our detailed review of this consumer favorite! Looking for something to make great summertime drinks with? I was! It’s getting hot out there, and the best way to cool down is by sipping a tasty, frozen drink. Instead of paying for expensive ones at coffee shops and ice creams places, I decided to start making my own frozen drinks. To do this, I needed to find something that could blend my drinks for me and get the consistency that I crave every time.

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In my research I found the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker DM0500. It’s a pretty decent Margaritaville Blender model that I’m considering buying to help cool me off this summer!

Margaritaville DM0500 Bahamas review

Features of the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker DM0500

This Margaritaville Blender has 450 watts behind it that can help make up to 36 ounces of frozen concoctions. It has dual motors for shaving ice and blending beverages. The motors shave ice that is held in a reservoir, then add the correct amount to the ingredients in the jar. All that’s left to do then is blend the two together! The jar is plastic, which is admittedly not very sturdy. As long as you are careful with it, this should not be a problem, though. The device is also dishwasher safe, which saves a lot of hassle around clean up time.

What Comes Included?

  • Plastic 36-ounce jar
  • Manuals
  • Shot glass
  • Recipes

It’s nice that this Margaritaville Blender comes with recipes. It will save me a lot of browsing on Google when I get sick of a regular old smoothie!

How it works?

All you have to do is fill the ice reservoir, add your ingredients to the jar, and press a button. Let the machine do the rest! It shaves ice perfectly so you will never have to force down a chunky or watered down beverage again!

How much is It? Does it come with a warranty?

This model can be purchased on Amazon for $200. This Margaritaville Blender comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

he Margaritaville DM0500 Bahamas 36-ounce Frozen-Concoction Maker

What other Reviewers had to Say?

In my research, I took the time to look at what some other people had to say about this model. A lot of people absolutely raved about it, saying that they will never go back to their old drink-making ways, since this unit can make perfect drinks every time, in such a short amount of time. The only real complaint that I saw was that it is not a very sturdy unit. The jar is made of plastic so if it is not handled with care, it can easily be worn down or even broken. Also, some reviewers said that with time, this Margaritaville Blender loses its performance. This is definitely something to think about before you purchase this model, but in my opinion, if this appliance is well-maintained, it will last a long time.

Still, the positive reviewers outnumbered the negative reviews by quite a lot. Reviewers couldn’t get over how delicious the drinks they made were! For this reason, I am definitely looking forward to one day trying out the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker DM0500.

So why not checkout even more details on the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker DM0500 today!

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