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Magic Bullet Blender Review – Compact and Powerful

The Magic Bullet Blender is hyped to be the best all-around kitchen tool. If you are an experienced cook or a professional chef, you are certainly aware that food preparation requires the most work in the kitchen. Is this magic blender really magical as it claims to be? Can it do wonders to the food you prepare? This Magic Bullet Blender review will try to find out if it is what it claims to be.

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Unique Design

The Magic Bullet Blender

You will notice that the Magic Bullet Blender doesn’t look much like your standard blender or food processor. It is compact, curved, and as the name implies, it does resemble the shape of a bullet. Do not be overwhelmed by the numerous pieces this blender has for these will make your life in the kitchen easier.


The package usually consists of a 21-piece or 25-piece set for blending, dicing, chopping, pureeing, and for making smoothies and shakes. It is equipped with a high-torque power base with a lot of mugs and cups for all your food preparation needs. Chopping and blending are made easier because of the ultra-functional double-blade feature attached to the base.

The cross blade is ideal for grating, slicing, and blending purposes. On the other hand, the flat blade is perfect for grinding and whipping. Did you know that you can also use this magical blender to grind coffee? Better believe it!

This blender is not complete without all the mugs and cups that can be used for all the kitchen tasks you need to do. Your standard food preparation task is made easy with 2 bullet-shaped cups. If you need to prepare dips and sauces, the short cups are ideally used. You can also prepare a complete meal with the tall cup. Each o these mugs and cups conveniently come with storage lids. The Magic Bullet Blender can also help you whip up the tastiest frozen drinks with the use of 4 large mugs. Here you will experience magic – you can utilize the colored lids that you can use to instantly serve your concoction. The package also comes with a full-sized blender with kit as bonus, giving you more food prep versatility.

Additional Items

The kit also includes bonus items like 2 shaker tops that you can use as steamer lids as you microwave. Yes, this blender is microwave-safe. You don’t need too many containers in your work area. A 2-piece juicer is also thrown in to easily make fruit juices. As if these are not enough, the package also provides you a bonus recipe book to help you make the most delicious meals.

Good Points and Bad Points

The Magic Bullet Blender

The main selling point of this magical blender is in how it can save you time on food preparation. Here is a summary of the four most important benefits of this magical blender:

• Doesn’t take too much space and storage is easy because it is small
• Comes with convenient blending cups
• Microwave-safe
• Equipped with 2 blades
• Less fuss in clean up

Here are a few disadvantages:

• The blender is too small to replace a good old reliable food processor
• Fails to chop vegetables too well
• There is a one-minute overheat limitation (it says so on the label)

Other than these three drawbacks, the Magic Bullet Blender serves its purpose.

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