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Lello 4090 Gelato Pro Quart Ice Cream Maker Review – You Should Read This!

The Lello 4090 gelato pro quart ice cream maker is the most impressive home gelato maker on the market. If you like having frozen desserts at home, buying an ice cream maker should be an absolute no brainer. In order to get my daily dessert fix, I decided to scour the internet to find the best deal on an ice cream maker. After reading many reviews, I decided that this Lello machine was the best quality for its value. After deciding that I had done an adequate amount of research and determining that this was the machine for me, I decided to place my order. When the box I arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was relatively heavy and yet it was in perfect shape.

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I opened the box to find that everything was packaged very securely inside the box and everything was included and had arrived undamaged.After unpacking everything and giving it a thorough cleaning, I read the instructions in order to get a thorough understanding of the machine and its components. Feeling confident that I knew just how to use it, I mixed up my first batch of ice cream and got the machine going. It was really nice to not have to worry about pre-freezing the mixing bowls like I had to do with previous machines. After forty-five minutes my ice cream came to an absolutely delicious soft serve consistency.

From the first batch to the hundredth, this machine has provided an array of delicious flavors and frozen desserts!


Lello 4090 Gelato Pro Quart Ice Cream Maker Review

Features and Specification

This ice cream machine has a two quart capacity. It has an audible timer that alerts you when the ice cream is done. There is a built-in automatic shut off switch which makes sure that the motor does not continue running in the event that the mixture freezes solid. The motor itself is incredibly powerful, at 235 watts. The mixing bowl is easily removable and extremely simple to clean. This machine is self-refrigerated and cools the ice cream to freezing temperatures very rapidly. There is no need to pre-freeze your mixing bowls or use ice with this machine! The machine is 15 inches by 11 inches by 13 inches and it weighs around forty pounds.

Pros & Cons


  • You can make so many amazing desserts with this machine such as ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbet, and even frozen drinks!
  • This machine is incredibly sturdy and has a very powerful motor that can whip up your ice cream to a firm consistency in 45 minutes and soft serve in less than 30 minutes.
  • There is an audible alarm that will sound to let you know when the mixture is frozen.
  • The automatic shut off switch allows you to rest easy knowing that the machine will shut itself off to prevent damage in case you cannot be there to keep an eye on it when it is finished freezing.
  • This machine allows you to blend whatever flavors or ingredients that you want and it also comes with a recipe booklet.
  • The removable bowl is easy to clean and it makes scooping the ice cream very easy, which is important for people who may not be able to bend over the machine to scoop the ice cream out, such as my mother who has arthritis.
  • This machine is very user friendly and the buttons are easy to read and push.


  • The powerful motor may be considered slightly loud by some people, especially those who have little to no experience with ice cream machines.
  • The two quart capacity may be too small for making large batches of ice cream and entertaining large amounts of people.
  • This machine weighs nearly forty pounds and may be difficult for some to move and store. Luckily it is attractive enough to keep on your counter!
  • This machine takes forty-five minutes to an hour to create a batch of ice cream with a nice, dense consistency.



I am so happy with my Lello 4090 gelato pro quart ice cream maker that I really wanted to tell the whole world about it. I love being able to make ice cream at home in any flavor that I want. This machine is so easy to use and it does not take long at all to have two quarts of ice cream whipped up. This machine even chills wine in just a few minutes! If you like frozen beverages and desserts you should really look into buying this machine, I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

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