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The Best KRUPS Nonstick Belgian Waffle Maker

Have you ever asked yourself which is the best KRUPS waffle maker? If this is a question that has ever crossed your mind, it’s time you got your answer. Check out the KRUPS WD6008 Double Nonstick Belgian Waffle Maker and you will be hooked.

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So do You Need a Waffle Maker?

Maybe you love waffles but you actually keep asking yourself if you should buy a waffle maker. Maybe you have decided to buy one but you are asking yourself where you will get the space to put in another kitchen utensil. So is buying one justified?

If you Really love Waffles, then You Need One

If you really love waffles then yes you do need a waffle maker. If you do not know whether you love waffles or not, you need a waffle maker, because you may still discover that you love waffles. Even if you do not use the waffle maker more than a few times a year, you could share it with your neighbors.

About the KRUPS WD6008

About the KRUPS WD6008

According to the manufacturer of the KRUPS WD6008 waffle maker, it is inspired by the professionals and designed by connoisseurs. It is said that any KRUPS WD6008 are built with the three Ps in mind. These are passion, precision, and perfection. This is what gives it the ability to make authentic Belgian waffles.

This waffle maker features a browning control with up to 5 settings which allows you to make the waffles just the way you or your family wants them. The batter flow technology makes sure that you enjoy the process of making waffles just as much as you enjoy eating them. This technology ensures that overflowing is limited by a magnetic tray which collects potential excess batter.

A spoon and a recipe book are included with your brand new KRUPS Waffle maker.


How to choose a good waffle maker

Shapes and sizes

In order to end up owning a KRUPS WD6008, you would have to make the decision that you want a Belgian style one. The Belgian one comes in traditional round and square shapes. There are also plenty other shapes that you can select such as hearts, animals, sticks and whatever else you may fancy.

About the KRUPS WD6008

Special features:

Look out for special features such as nonstick, rotary functions that can allow you to flip the waffle over so that it can be evenly browned on both the top and the bottom. Check out for some that have browning controls that let you select just how golden you will have your waffles.

Other technology

Every product now comes with some form of technology. When you buy your new waffle maker, check for the technology that will make your life easier. For example, the KRUPS WD6008 comes with a non-drip feature which catches any escaping batter before it gets on your countertop. You will not have dirty counters that need to be cleaned once you have finished. That’s why it is said that the process of making your waffles should be as great as the process of eating them.

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