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KitchenAid Exactslice System 9-Cup Food Processor Review

I recently purchased the KitchenAid Exactslice System 9-Cup Food Processor and I am extremely happy with the product. I know that people don’t always believe product reviews but I am hoping that you take this one to heart because I mean it! I have had KitchenAid kitchen appliances in my home since I was a child. My mom always trusted the brand and I can remember her making cookie and bread dough in her stand mixer as some of my earliest memories.

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When I got my first apartment as an adult my mom bought me my very own stand mixer and like a family tradition, I have been standing by the quality of KitchenAid for years. So it should be no surprise then that when I was looking online for what food processor to buy for my kitchen, KitchenAid was at the top of my list. I read some reviews and specs for other brands but ultimately I decided to purchase this one. Since it arrived in the mail I have used it constantly and I have been extremely pleased with its quality and its performance.

Features and Specification

KitchenAid Exactslice System 9-Cup Food Processor

This food processor features KitchenAid’s exactslice system. This is one of the reasons that this food processor is so excellent, you can choose exactly how thick or thin you want your ingredients to be sliced. This machine is 10 inches by 10 inches by 14.4 inches and it only weighs a total of eight pounds. There is a tight seal on the bowls that prevents spilling or leaking. The included slicing disk is stainless steel and adjustable. The bowl and the slicing disc are dishwasher safe! You can choose between three speeds, high, low, and pulse. There is also an easy to press OFF button. The wide feed tube has 3-in-1 capabilities and can accept ingredients of various sizes and shapes.

This food processor can slice both hard and soft foods…

Pros & Cons


  • This food processor is very light, making it easy to carry or move around for virtually everyone.
  • The small design of this machine makes it very easy to store away when it is not in use, like on a shelf or in a cabinet.
  • The exactslice system allows you to choose how you want your food to be sliced, and choose the thickness, or thinness, of your slices.
  • There is a gasket in the lid of this food processor that seals the bowl and makes sure that there are no spills or leaks, which many other food processors do not have.
  • The bowl and the slicing disc are both dishwasher safe which means that they can easily be cleaned.
  • The feed tube is wide and can accommodate both hard and soft ingredients of various sizes and shapes.
  • This food processor is incredibly easy to use, even for customers who have no experience working with food processors. The three speeds are easy to choose from and there is an easy off button to shut down the machine.


  • This food processor is somewhat noisy and that may be a drawback for some customers.
  • When slicing food, ingredients can sometimes get caught under the lid and cause food to not be sliced evenly in some cases.
  • This food processor is somewhat small, especially compared to others on the market, and may not be suitable for customers looking to slice large quantities of ingredients all at once.
  • This food processor has few functions and only three speeds. It can slice and chop but it will not knead, mince, or grate.
  • This food processor does not have an automatic safety locking feature which can be dangerous.


My family has always trusted KitchenAid and this food processor is no exception at all. I am so pleased with this food processor that I have recommended it to all of my friends and family, coworkers, and even the other parents at my children’s’ school. I really love having the ability to throw in ingredients without having to slice them down extremely small beforehand, and that I can choose the exact thickness of the slices that I want to make. This machine will turn even the most novice cook into someone who can really impress their guests. The 9 cup capacity makes it super easy to toss in ingredients and whip up a fabulous dinner in no time at all. The manufacturing of this food processor is superb and you can tell that it was really built to last, just like all of the products by this company. The KitchenAid Exactslice System 9-Cup Food Processor is the ideal kitchen helper for any home cook.

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