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KitchenAid Exactslice 7-Cup Food Processor Review

The KitchenAid Exactslice 7-Cup Food Processor KFP0722ER is an amazing small appliance that has done wonders for my kitchen. With this machine I have been able to make great meals in less than half the time that I used to. I no longer have to chop food by hand, causing me to take up valuable time and dirty numerous dishes while making dinner. When you have a family to feed and cart around to practices and events after work, making dinner can seem like climbing a mountain, strenuous, time consuming, and for some virtually impossible.

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However, after hearing a friend of mine talk on and on about her new KitchenAid food processor and how much time it was saving her while cooking, I decided to investigate for myself. I looked up numerous reviews and after reading that so many customers were happy with this product, I decided to buy it. I am so happy that I did.

This has made making dinners, lunches, and breakfasts so quick and easy that I would definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone…

Features and SpecificationKitchenAid Exactslice 7-Cup Food Processor Review

This food processor features an exactslice system which allows the user to choose exactly how thick or thin they want their ingredients to be sliced. This is an absolutely amazing feature. There is a wide mouth feed tube that allows the user to insert large fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients into the food processor without having to cut them into small pieces first. The settings are incredibly easy to follow and the buttons are simple to push. There are three speeds, high, low, and pulse, and there is an easy off button.

The slicing disc is made of stainless steel and it is adjustable, as part of the exactslice system. Not only that, but there is an ultra-tight seal on this food processor that ensures that there is no leaking or spilling of the contents.

This food processor is 10.6 inches by 15 inches by 10.4 inches and it weighs in at just over eight pounds. The exterior of this food processor is an absolutely gorgeous red color. The bowl of this food processor is 7 cups, perfect for processing all kinds of foods.

Pros & Cons


  • The 7 cup capacity of this food processor makes it an ideal size for any home kitchen.
  • The components of this food processor are dishwasher safe. They can be placed on the top rack of any dishwasher, making this machine an absolute breeze to clean.
  • The exactslice system allows the user to adjust the slicing disc to choose how thick or thin they want their food to be sliced. This is a really cool feature!
  • The speed buttons are very easy to see and push, making this machine great for virtually all customers.
  • The off button allows the user to easily stop the food processor at any time.
  • This food processor comes with a chopping mechanism, as well as a shredding, slicing and grating disc, to take care of all of your food processing needs.


  • This food processor can be loud when in use; this could be a problem for some customers looking to purchase a food processor.
  • The dimensions of this small appliance are somewhat bulky, which could make it difficult for some people to store on a counter in a small kitchen, or in small areas like a cabinet.
  • There are only three speed settings, unlike many other food processors that have a lot more options for speed. This may be a downfall in the eyes of some customers.


If you are looking for a quality, well-made food processor then the KitchenAid Exactslice 7-Cup Food Processor KFP0722ER should be at the very top of your list. This is an absolutely amazing food processor that gives you perfect slices and perfect results. Not only that but it is made by a brand that has been known for its quality kitchen machinery for years. Nearly every year the KitchenAid stand mixer is touted as one of the very best home appliances, and this food processor is of that same great quality.

The features in this machine are excellent but it does not overwhelm you with 15 different speeds or buttons like many other food processors do. The buttons are easy to read and easy to push. Even if you have never had a food processor and are worried that there will be a large learning curve, this food processor is for you. It is so simple to set up and use that it deserves to be in absolutely every home.

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