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HP3A Blendtek Blender Review

So, how serious are you about owning one of the best blenders money can buy? See why this Blendtec HP3A is one serious blender for those serious about their blending! If you are serious about blending and making some professional grade smoothies then you have to consider the Blendtec blender HP3A model. This Blendtec blender packs an incredible punch with it’s 3HP motor and the square container makes pouring your fruit smoothie cinch. And did I happen to mention that, for the power this thing throws out, it is quieter than models that perform at half the level with half of the power. Consumers have told us that the Blendtec HP3A makes absolutely incredible smoothies and that you actually have to watch out to not use too many greens. This monster does such a good job on fruits and vegetables that you can actually over do it and have too much of the “green” flavor.

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And when you are done, Blendtec has made sure that your clean up is a smooth and easy process as this model cleans up quickly and easily so you can enjoy your awesome drink!

HP3A Blendtek Blender Review

Recently, I’ve become somewhat of a health freak.  It’s important for me to get the daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables in my diet, even though I’m not a huge fan of those food groups.  Honestly, I’d much prefer a big juicy steak or processed chicken nuggets from my favorite fast food place.  So it’s necessary for me to find a way to make the healthier parts of my diet more appetizing.  I decided to try creating some different fruit smoothies and veggie dips at home that will hopefully make it easier to swallow the foods that I’m not very fond of!  In order to start making these things, though, I definitely need to get my hands on a new blender.  The one I have now is just not going to cut it, because it’s old and can’t handle big chunks of food or hard things like ice cubes.  So I’m on the hunt for a new blender that can handle these jobs and make my quest to healthier eating less painful!

The blender I’m leaning towards right now comes from Blendtec (model HP3A).  It looks like the perfect match for me, and it’s something that I could use for many things in the kitchen.  Not only that, but it looks durable, so I could keep it around for a long time!  Below is the research I’ve gathered about this blender.

Some highlights of this Blendtec Blender:

  • 25 pre-programmed cycles
  • 4 changeable pre-set speed buttons
  • Patented vortex jar design for improved blending and long life
  • Powerful commercial quality 1500-watt, 3 Horsepower direct-drive motor
  • Lifetime warranty on blade and coupling

The power that this Blendtec blender has absolutely blows me away.  1500 watts is a lot for a simple household device.  In fact, a wattage like that is something that professional food and beverage businesses would look for when buying a commercial blender.  Similarly, a motor that has a horsepower that high is remarkable.

Why this Blendtec Blender is perfect for making healthy foods

As I stated before, eating healthier is an important goal of mine.  Any blender could chop up a strawberry, but this blender can do so much more.  The HP3A can actually break down seeds, stems and skins of fruits and vegetables, which is where a great deal of nutrients are hiding.  The outstanding horsepower can unlock nutrients and antioxidants like only commercial blenders can.  Using this blender means using the whole fruit, not just the meat of it.  It means making drinks and dips that are a great deal healthier than they would be if a typical, store-bought blender were used.

What comes with the Blendtec HP3A Blender?

  • Motor Base
  • Pitcher
  • Vented Pitcher Lid
  • Recipe Book
  • Owner’s Manual

Everything you could possibly need!  The most obvious—and most important—thing included is the owner’s manual.  From the research I did, I read many reviews in which the reviewers spoke about the importance of the owner’s manual.  With so many cutting and blending options, it’s hard to pick which one is right for the food you are trying to blend without first consulting the owner’s manual.  In order to get the right consistency every time, I know I will definitely have to read the manual.

Other opinions on this Blendtec Blender:

On Amazon, this product received 4.5 out of 5 stars.  Most of the reviews were incredibly positive.  Reviewers went on and on about how easy it is to clean this blender, about how attractive this model is, and about how precisely it blends.  One reviewer even stated that this blender largely resembles the blenders used at the popular Jamba Juice, both in appearance and performance.  Another promised that this blender will last a long time, because they have been using theirs consistently everyday for years, and it still works like a charm.

How much does this Blendtec Blender cost?  Does it come with a warranty?

On the Blendtec website, this blender sells for about $475, but you can get it for about $400 on Amazon.  As far as warranties go, be assured that if you buy this product it will probably outlast you!  With a lifetime warranty on the blade and coupling, and the opportunity to purchase an extended four-year warranty for everything else (beyond the one-year that comes with the product), it’s easy to see that Blendtec stands behind its products. This is definitely a product that I’m considering for my very own kitchen.  Though it’s true that my motivation for learning about this blender was because I wanted to start creating healthy snacks and beverages, researching this product has made me realize that there is so much more that I can do with it.  I’ve realized that, by purchasing this blender, I’d be purchasing an appliance that can outperform all my other appliances—and outlive most of them, too.  This is a great product that has an ever greater reputation.

I honestly have found nothing bad to say about this Blendtec blender.  It’s a highly rated, highly reliable appliance that is sure to not disappoint.  Though it’s a little more than I planned on spending on a blender, I think something that is guaranteed to work so well is worth the price.  I look forward to finding out more about this Blendtec blender and having it in my kitchen soon!

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