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Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender Review – Not Enough Power… But Silent

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender is a simple lidded travel cup in which you can toss and shake the necessary ingredients. This small blender is great to make shakes and smoothies on the go. Most users are highly satisfied with its performance and they love it! Not only can it produce excellent smoothies, it can also make you your favourite frozen cocktails. This lightweight blender has no problem blending regular smoothie ingredients like frozen strawberries, ice cubes, apple pieces, banana chunks, sticky prunes and spinach. Just remember to add enough liquid to the mixture and you are ready to go! Though flaxseeds and fruit skins leave behind tiny pieces in the smoothie, most owners say the drinks taste impeccable.

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On the down side, some owners have complained that the small blender does not have enough power and its manual prohibits the processing of hot foods, hot liquids and hard foods…

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender


  • Blends a single serving in a lidded travel cup
  • Quiet
  • Small and lightweight
  • Performance

Ease of Use

Though Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender happens to be one of the best blenders and is simple to use, it is not foolproof. Blender reviews have suggested that you need to take good care of this device for it to produce the best results. You must be careful not to overload the 14-ounce cup and add hard items like ice only in the end. The great thing about this lightweight blender is that the jar doubles up as a travel cup. A few model numbers are fit for the dishwasher though it is recommended that you hand-wash Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender to be on the safe side.

Some grooves are difficult to reach and you may also have to hold on to the pulse button to ensure this small blender keeps functioning.


This is among the most lightweight blenders in the market. It is little and simple with a clear plastic cup that looks very sleek. It weighs only two pounds and is less than a foot tall so it is ideal for dorm rooms and small kitchens.


Since Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender is quite inexpensive, you can easily replace it if the need arises. According to blender reviews, the motor smells hot and dies quickly though some owners have used the blender for more than a year. Some other reviews have stated that the travel lid cracked within a few months and the jar would leak while blending.

The good news is that Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender offers a year long warranty so you can get it replaced if you are not satisfied with it within that period.

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender


This blender has a small motor that barely makes any noise. If you want to use it in the house without disturbing others around you, it is perfect.

Final Verdict

It is among the best blenders that have found a market on and most users like Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender because it easily prepares quick beverages on the go. As long as you do not expect it to last you a lifetime, this blender is a steal, especially

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