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Fagor Elite Pressure Cooker Review

Fagor is an environmentally friendly company based in the Basque region of Spain.  One of the bestselling companies in all of Europe, they are now becoming popular in the USA as well. Fagor’s mission is to use resources that preserve the environment, conserve energy during the manufacturing process, and contribute to a healthy planet today and in the future.

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Fagor’s environmental policy provides safe working conditions for its employees by minimizing  or eliminating the handling of hazardous materials. The company’s manufacturing  protocols are designed to minimize environmental impact on soil, water, energy, and air during the production process. There are also waste management and recycling procedures in place regulating the post-production process.

Here in the US, Fagor is an active participant in the Energy Star program, a joint program of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department Of Energy.

Fagor Elite Pressure Cooker Review

The Fagor Elite Pressure Cooker comes in 4, 6, 8 and 10 quart sizes as well as an 8 quart, 13-function electronic pressure cooker. All models boast stainless steel construction with an impact bonded diffuser base to ensure even heat distribution and fuel efficiency. They can be used on a wide array of cooking surfaces including gas, electric, ceramic, and induction. Fagor pressure cookers are designed to be easy to clean, and their bodies are dishwasher safe. A 10 year warranty guarantees these pots free of any defects or manufacturing flaws.

There are two pressure settings, (high/15psi and low/8psi) as well as a visual pressure indicator featuring an automatic pressure release system. The safety locking handle prevents accidental opening under pressure. There are three safety release mechanisms designed to expel steam and air when internal pressure becomes too high.

Pressure cookers are both convenient and healthy; a pair of must-have features in a busy household.  Meals are kept healthy because this method of cooking heats the food with steam, no need for oil. The important soluble vitamin and mineral content of the meal is retained while preserving the color and flavor of the ingredients. And it’s so easy to use. Just load the ingredients, lock the lid in place and start cooking.

Cooking times are reduced by 70%- soups can be cooked in under an hour, vegetables in minutes. The low pressure setting favors delicate foods including fish, fruits, soft vegetables, and custards. The high pressure setting is suitable for hearty favorites like stew, chili, and roasts.


Fagor Elite Pressure Cooker

The Fagor electronic pressure cooker can be used as a slow cooker or as a steamer. It is equipped with digital controls and a removable cooking pot with a non-stick finish that is dishwasher safe. It also has the quick release safety features of the stove top models. The main difference in function here is the electronic model trades speed for convenience.  This unit is programmable for up to 9 ½ hours and will automatically switch to a warm setting when finished. The trade-off for this “set and forget” convenience is that the appliance takes 30 minutes to come up to pressure and then another 30 minutes to come down.  Which type to choose, then, would depend greatly on whether one wishes to cook very quickly in person, or a bit more slowly (and with minimal supervision) from afar. This being said, Fagor offers solutions for either approach.

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