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Delonghi ec702 Espresso Machine Review


The Delonghi ec702 espresso machine is among one of the best suited choice for your perfect cup of espresso or cappuccino. With a first operational feature, you can be guaranteed of high quality tasting brewed cups which of course is way better than manually making. When you own one of these machines you can be sure you will reap the benefits of good performance based on the multiple unique features and its ultimate quality designing. This espresso machine when compared to other is a more efficient inexpensive options and also solution to your already bad tasting cappuccino. Personally, I have used this product before and based on my judgements (which may not necessarily reflect that of others) I would not hesitate to recommend this product for either home or office use.

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The first factor it that it is effective for providing the results you seek after and also doing so in a timely manner.

Delonghi ec702 Espresso Machine

The Delonghi ec702 espresso machine is designed with a double thermostat which makes it among the best choice for coffee makers. With this feature, you can select whether you wish to have your coffee steamed through or have it run through the traditional heated water tank. With this machine you can either have your brewed coffee made from coffee pods or general ground coffee. There is absolutely no need to worry about coffee grains or fragment passing through the dispenser and into your cup as there is a fine drainage mesh at the mouth of the dispenser. The base sections also for the cups have a drainage system in the case of any spill coffee. This drainage area is a hole structured base which can easily be detached for waste disposal. This espresso machine didn’t cost a fortune and for the quality service it provides, your small spent cash will be more than worth it.

Other benefits of this machine

  • Durability. this machine is made of a durable brushed stainless steel material which grants its user years and years or non-stop quality service. Because of the make material, you can be  guaranteed also of easy detachable cleaning parts which can either be wipe cleaned or via the dishwasher. The stainless steel and other lining material is also safe for human use and is also a safe and friendly element for the environment.
  • Quality features. this machine is designed with quality features such as a handle pull dispenser assist which allows users to easily pour the desired amount of coffee they need in one go.

Delonghi ec702 Espresso Machine

The handle made of a durable slight rubber texture does not overheat although the machine is operating with extreme heat conductors. Some of these said machine also comes with a push release button instead of the handles. The thermostat feature allows for user’s manually setting based on what they desired (whether it be steamed brewing or water heating). Since it is not an overly technical machine, it is easily to manually operate until the automatic works are needed and it is easy to store after finish.

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