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Cuisinart CHW 12-Cup Coffee Maker – How Good Is It?

The Cuisinart chw 12-cup coffee maker is one of the most desired machines on the market due to its high quality and efficiency. When you think Cuisinart, you are thinking about durable quality which by far is among the top manufacturers around the world to make the most effective and results driven machines. Having a coffee maker which easily makes 12 cups of coffee within a short time and also allowing the operator the privilege of completing other task at once, is more than the right choice. Every so often the time we normally take to manually make a cup of coffee especially in the morning always allows us to either get caught in the never moving traffic or simply be late for work and still, not getting to enjoy our cup of coffee.

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Cuisinart chw 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Nothing can be more frustrating than having spent all morning manually brewing a cup of coffee and when it is tested, we can’t even finish it because it simply has no taste whatsoever. This machine is quite suitable for the home and also the office seeing it can brewed up to 12 cups at any given time, this would more quite enough for an average group. Cuisinart never fails to produce only the best quality all round and in truth and in fact, we can all attest to the fact that the results which we receive from using this machine is purely positive.

From personal use and upon reviewing the feedback of others, I can say after purchasing and using this machine, I enjoyed features such as:

Quality designs

This coffee maker is a full automatic 24-hour operational machine which has a unique self cleaning feature- obviously which is not a part of numerous other machines. The attached manual you get with each purchase shows you exactly how to effectively operate the machine in a hassle free way and of course, I enjoyed the benefit of saving a lot of time while it is working. I can certainly say the time I have had to use each morning to manually make a cup of coffee was redirected into other activities and yes, I even reach work earlier-a fact! It is built with even a hot water feature which makes even non-coffee lovers happy. If in the case I did not feel for coffee but another hot tea, the hot water system installed on this machine made the way clear for that. If you desire to have hot water for even your soup, you could also easily selected the heating water option. This machine also has a pause feature which allows you to put your brewing on standstill until you are fully ready to have it. It also automatically shuts off when brewing is fully completed.

Cuisinart chw 12-Cup Coffee Maker

It has the options of brewing up to 12 cups at a time but if you desire to do less, you are also granted that privilege.


This machine is made of a stainless steel material which makes it susceptible to a long lasting effect. The tested and safe-proven material is comfortably used by all individuals without the need for worrying about health or hazardous issues. With proper cleaning whether damp wipe, dry wipe or dishwasher cleaned, and good maintenance, your machine can easily serve for years.

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