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What is The Best Slurpee Machine in 2017?

Invented in the late 1950s, the slurpee machine can be seen as a manufactured idea due to the malfunctioning of another machine. From this, it can be concluded that something good does indeed come from bad and/or errors. It all started when due to the malfunctioning of one machine, a juice store owner had to use a simple refrigerator to keep his carbonated beverages cool and as such, it cause them to have a “slushy” outcome when removed. Customers in turn loved the whole idea of the “new look” and it became an all time favorite.

Fast forward to today and with a name change to “Slurpee” and a different way of making due to upgrade in all levels of technology, it is still a popular among all age groups.

Best Slurpee Machine

It has different flavors, taste and other additional features which are added to enhance the whole experience. Many people do own a slurpee machine as well as there are those who have no idea on accessing one and as such, have to resort to constant buying which can be a pressure. It may not be a huge cost in some areas but all small always add up. If your dream is to make a slurpee on your own, then the ultimate way to do so is by getting a machine which makes them. They are not hard to find around the market and whether physical store or online, ensure your choice a selection from the best qualities:

  • Slurpee Maker

Whether you want a plastic or metal slurpee machine, this machine will make the drink you need. It comes in many different colors and sizes and is equipped with a single slurpee maker, a two cups proportion and a user guide. It is fully functional when taken straight from the package (already configured) and is not battery operated. Many slurpee machines though are manually operated and can be a durable tool.

Nostalgia Coca-Cola 32-Ounce Slush Drink Maker

Nostalgia Coca-Cola 32-Ounce Slush Drink Maker

If you are a carbonated drink lover and a slurpee enthusiast, then this machine is perfect for you. It can be for home or other use without compromising on user quality and results. It is a Coca- Cola manufactured slurpee machine which works efficiently, fast and automatically operated. This machine can make up to 32 ounces of slush at once and uses the method of crushed ice and salt to generate your sugar based juices. It has features which are easy to clean and detachable parts for better handling. It also runs a consistent flow system of slush drinks.

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Nostalgia Retro Series 32-Ounce Frozen Beverage Station

Nostalgia FBS400RETRORED Retro Series 32-Ounce Frozen Beverage Station

With a 1.1 liters holding capacity, this machine is able to make any desired slurpee. It is made with a clear instruction manual on how to operate, clean and store as well as other know-how features for the machine. This machine is uniquely able to produce two kinds of mixtures a snow texture and a slush texture. It uses standard ice cubes in operation and does automatic crushing and mixing.

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