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Best Electric Pasta Maker Machines in 2018 – Detailed Reviews

The reason why pasta finds itself in most kitchens is because it is simple to make while also filling at the same time. While everyone can claim some level of ability to make pasta, it is not everyone who can make good pasta. Part of the reason why some people seem to make better pasta than others is because they use the right tools. Choosing the best pasta machine is something you should invest adequate time in. You will thank yourself later for the convenience which comes with this. But just how do you choose the best pasta maker machine. A lot of individuals may not have the necessary knowledge on pasta machines and how they work plus which ones to actually choose for the best results. Worry no more as this is a detailed review that will help you to get an idea of what you are supposed to choose and buy.

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Marcato, Italy

Marcato Atlas Machine

  • Electric version of Marcato Atlas Wellness that comes with high quality motor known for its durability.
    Electric version of Marcato Atlas Wellness that comes with high quality motor known for its durability.
  • Type: Electric
    Type: Electric

DeLonghi of Italy

Magic Mill Machine

  • Efficient and powerful device equipped with a 250watt motor. Contains everything to start making 7 pasta types.
    Efficient and powerful device equipped with a 250watt motor. Contains everything to start making 7 pasta types.
  • Type: Electric
    Type: Electric


Pasta Deluxe Set

  • A perfect set of attachments for avid pasta lovers that includes pasta rollers, spaghettin cutters, fetuccine cutters and lasagne cutters.
    A perfect set of attachments for avid pasta lovers that includes pasta rollers, spaghettin cutters, fetuccine cutters and lasagne cutters.
  • Type: Attachment
    Type: Attachment

Marcato, Italy

Wellness 150 Pasta Maker

  • Classic pasta machine that is perfect for making all traditional pasta types at home.
    Classic pasta machine that is perfect for making all traditional pasta types at home.
  • Type: Manual
    Type: Manual

Limited edition

Imperia Pasta Machine

  • Elegant easy-to-use machine that is made it Italy and thus has outstanding quality. Never push in the dishwasher!
    Elegant easy-to-use machine that is made it Italy and thus has outstanding quality. Never push in the dishwasher!
  • Type: Manual
    Type: Manual

There are a number of pasta makers in the market and truth is that some if not most of them, are fake. Distinguishing the good from the bad can sometimes be a great challenge especially for the amateurs in this field. Some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a pasta maker include the material. You should always try and give more consideration to the models that have stainless steel and all metal parts and that have at least five different thickness settings.

There are numerous hand crank pasta maker models in the market which makes it a bit hard to choose the most suitable one to buy. In addition, there are several pasta makers for sale, choosing the one that is most convenient for you is what matters. Do you own or are interested in owning a pasta maker? If yes, do you prefer an automatic pasta maker or a manual pasta machine? The following is a review of both to help you get a clear picture of which one is actually the best to use.

In summary, here’s the list of the best pasta makers of 2018:

  1. Atlas Electric Pasta Machine
  2. Magic Mill – DeLonghi of Italy, Automatic Electric Pasta Maker
  3. KitchenAid Pasta Deluxe Set
  4. Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker
  5. Imperia Pasta Maker Machine (150) By Cucina Pro

What Is A Pasta Maker?

In order to understand what we are talking about, let’s do a brief definition of what a pasta maker is. This is a machine that does exactly what its name says. It makes pasta. It does this by rolling your chunks of dough into sheets. You can select the shape you want for your pasta, it’s your call. There are different types of pasta shapes including the famous spaghetti. However, your ability to do the shapes you require depends on the kind of machine you have. If you choose the right pasta maker, you will have the ability to make different varieties of pasta.

best pasta maker machine

Types Of Pasta Makers

Before you head out to the shops to buy your next pasta maker, learn a little more about the pasta makers out there.

  • Roller Pasta Makers. Most homes that own a pasta maker would own a roller pasta maker. This kind of machine comes in different variations when you look at the design. It works mainly by letting dough through rollers so that it comes out on the other side flattened into pasta. Once you have these long sheets, you can then cut then into your desired length. You can then turn these sheets into fresh pasta strands.
  • Extrusion Pasta Makers. This kind of machine is a little more complicated than your simple roller pasta maker. You will mostly find it in commercial kitchens as opposed to ordinary home kitchens. This machine works by forcing your dough through a die which is designed to create make the individual pasta. You will then cut the strands into the lengths you desire.

These machines are usually found in your large restaurants and factories that make pasta. Most of the times such machines are fully automated. All you do is to load the necessary ingredients. The machine will do everything from creating the dough, then kneading it and forcing it through the die to make the. If you check the market, you will see that these machines come in both large and small sizes. So you will still get one which is the right size for your small kitchen.

Define the Type of Power you Desire

Pasta makers can be powered either by electricity or by hand. When you buy your machine, you will need to decide the kind of power you require. If you plan to make a little pasta just for the family, a hand operated machine will suffice, however, if your aim is to make lots and lots of pasta you may be better off using an electric machine.

  • Manual Pasta Makers. Manual pasta machines are mostly roller models. They are operated by turning a crank using your hands. This crank then forces the dough into slots that make the pasta. If you are going to use this type of machine, ensure that you have a flat surface to clamp it on. Measure the size of your extended work surface, because if this is not adequate your machine will not work well.
  • Electronic Pasta Makers. You can get the electronic pasta makers as both extrusion and roller models. They function in the same way as the manually operated ones, even though they use electrical power. There is usually no need for these types of machines to be clamped down in order to operate.

Automatic vs. Manual pasta Makers

The main differences between the two types of pasta makers are as below:

  • Manual pasta makers require a flat surface to clamp it on so that they can be effective in operation which is not the case with their electric counterparts which can work on any surface.
  • From the name, electric pasta makers make use of electrical power to make the pastas which is not the case with the manual pasta makers which require mechanical power to operate.

Depending on the type that is most convenient for you, the best pasta roller is the one that fits in to your mode of operation well. Again if you are looking to scale upwards or you look forward to opening a business by making pasta, then you would probably need a commercial pasta maker. The best of this kind is usually the electric pasta roller since you would probably be getting numerous orders. Fulfilling such orders using mechanical power can be an uphill task. However, if you are just making homemade pasta, then even the manual pasta can work effectively for you depending on the amount of pasta that you are looking forward to produce. If it’s a lot, then it would again be advisable to avoid the manual pasta makers due to strain. The advantage of using manual pasta makers though is that they tend to last without technical hitches for longer and the fact that they don’t use electrical power makes them convenient to use anywhere anytime. But if you are looking for speed and fulfillment of large amounts of pasta, then your best bet would be the electric pasta makers.

Nevertheless, the best pasta maker is an Italian pasta maker. An Italian pasta machine would be the best type of machine to buy basically for one simple reason: pastas owe their origin from this region. Who best to make the pasta machines than the founders of the delicacy?

Judging from the above review, it would now be easier for you to make up your mind on which pasta maker is the best for you. You can use the tips above to arrive at your choice and make the best pastas. Many may also ask how different pasta is from spaghetti. Well in evaluating the difference, we would keenly look at both of them. Pasta in the simplest of explanation is edible preparations made from flour and water dough. Now when pasta is shaped in long strings, it is now known as spaghetti. This therefore means that spaghetti is simply a form of pasta as there are other forms of pasta as well. A spaghetti machine or a spaghetti maker is what is used to cut the pasta into long strings thus creating the spaghetti. These can be bought and used incorporation with the regular pasta machine. Although some pasta machines lack the spaghetti makers, most of them come together.

Like any other equipment, pasta machines require good maintenance practices so that they can last for a longer period of time. Most of these practices are ones that you know and do every day while some you will learn. Therefore take a keen look at some of the maintenance tips as stated below. Below you will find our list of the best pasta maker machines in 2018 that includes both electric pasta machines and manual appliances.


If you are looking for the best pasta maker in the market this year, check out the five machines we feature below.

Atlas Electric Pasta Machine

Atlas Electric Pasta Machine

With the Atlas Electric Pasta Machine, you will be able to get a total of nine thicknesses from three different types of pasta. The special rollers in this machine are manufactured from alloy so that they are safe for food. For your convenience, the front of the wheels used for cutting is removable so that they can be replaced with other accessories when required.

This machine comes equipped with a 110V motor so that the only work you will ever need to do id to direct the dough as it goes through the machine. The reason why this machine is famous for providing a thickness that is even is because of the rotation of its engine which is regular.

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Magic Mill – DeLonghi of Italy, Automatic Electric Pasta Maker

Magic Mill – DeLonghi of Italy, Automatic Electric Pasta Maker

If you do not have the time to spend rolling and cutting your pasta using your hands, then the Magic Mill – DeLonghi of Italy, Automatic Electric Pasta Maker is the machine made just for you. With this machine, it will take you just a few minutes to be enjoying your freshly homemade pasta. All you need to do is just to add in the ingredients and then let the machine do it all for you.

The machine is loaded with great features such as a selection from an automatic or manual program and a bigger capacity made possible by a stainless steel body. The machine allows you to make different types of pasta, thanks to the unique shaping disks built into the machine. The machine has eight diverse attachment molds.

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KitchenAid Pasta Deluxe Set

KitchenAid Pasta Deluxe Set

The Kitchen Aid Pasta Deluxe Set is one machine that can be used to demonstrate the concept of versatility. With this machine, you will be able to roll pasta, cut your spaghetti, and cut your fettuccine. This is not all, you will also be able to cut your capellini and your lasagnette. The only question you should be asking is, what is it that it will not do?

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Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker

Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker

If you are a true believer in the Italian style and design of pasta known all over the world, then you would want to take a closer look at the Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker. With the machine, you will be able to make taglioni, fettuccine, and lasagna at home very easily.  You have the ability to select the right thickness of pasta for your needs using the adjustable 10 positions built into the machine.

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Imperia Pasta Maker Machine (150) By Cucina Pro

Imperia Pasta Maker Machine (150) By Cucina Pro

The Imperia Pasta Maker Machine (150) By Cucina Pro is sometimes referred to as the best pasta maker machine in 2018. There are several reasons why this product has come to have this reputation including the fact that it is built well to last for long while still being easy to use. The claim that it makes the best pasta you will ever have seems to follow this product like a shadow. It is designed not only to look beautiful but also to be something you can use practically. The wooden cranking handle is made to keep your hand comfortable. Read our retailed review here.

Hope our pasta maker reviews will help you choose the best product that will be a good friend for you on your kitchen. Good luck with your cooking!

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Tips on Using Pasta Machines

Pasta machines should be checked regularly for damaged parts. Before you make use of the pasta machine, ensure that all of its parts are functioning effectively. If any part has malfunctioned, make sure that you take it for repair so that it can get back to operating smoothly. You should keep more emphasis on the moving parts and ensure that they are aligned properly. This will ensure that they perform according to the role they have been assigned and in an effective manner.

Always disconnect the pasta machine (if electrical) before cleaning and servicing. As much as this is a safety measure that would help you, it is also effective in ensuring that the entire machine is not harmed when you use soaked cloth to clean it parts or when repairing it.

Keep the machine away from water. As simple as this may seem, it is a very important tip to consider. Keeping this machine away from water ensures that you avoid the risk of electric shock and malfunction of the machine. Water can be harmful to the machine as it can cause it to stop functioning. You should therefore always operate this device with dried hands and avoid placing it in wet surfaces or near water in general.

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