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3 Best Electric Rice Cookers For Your Kitchen

An Electric Rice Cooker is a must have for every kitchen. When you know of the given benefits of this tool, you can be sure that the purchase or gift choice would not be a waste but the perfect choice. Electric rice cookers are effective and efficient tools that many persons use due to the less time consumption during preparation and the ability to do other chores while it is being used. It is believe the electric rice cooker was invented based on the problems users had to face while cooking in the sense that they had to always be present, attending to the cooking and not being able to do anything else. It was a hard task for cookers especially family who say had young children and have to focus all their attention on the kitchen or else the food will obviously get burned.

Electric rice cookers can be found in many places and can be purchased too at numerous locations and at different pricing…

There are different specifications and features that come with select cookers and based on the individual’s needs, they choose what they need. As the name suggest-electric, it means they have some sort of electric operational system which can either be automatically or manually adjusted as per food preparation instructions. The food is cooked due to the censored heat being circulated in the pot and thus allowing it to reach areas of cooking that could not be possible with manual tendered cooking. Many owners purchase theirs either in a physical store or online and still they can have issues as many unscrupulous persons are on the sellers’ market awaiting unsuspecting clients who really don’t know the facts and end up being at a loss.

When you set to purchase an electric rice cooker or desire to have one as a gift, the best options to choose from includes:


Panasonic SR-Y22FHS 5.4 Liter Electric Rice Cooker

Panasonic SR-Y22FHS 5.4 Liter Electric Rice Cooker

This power electric rice cooker is among the best choices to choose from when trying to access one. They come with an easy to read manual that outlines how to exactly operate the tool to get the most effective results. They have other specifications such as:

  • The ability to steam and cook and also with a steam basket
  • Non-stick base and lining to help reducing in food burning
  • Automatic functioning to keep food warm
  • Safe for dishwasher use.

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Hamilton Beach Digital Simplicity 7 Cups Rice Cooker and Steamer

Hamilton Beach Digital Simplicity 7 Cups uncooked resulting in 14 Cups Cooked Rice Cooker and Steame

You get the privilege of cooking large amounts of rice with this cooker without having to worry about burning or other cooking issues. It is unique in the sense that:

  • It has the capacity to cook up to 14 dishes of cooked rice
  • It has a touchpad for easy operation
  • Adjustable heat and simmering functions
  • Can be used for rice, grains and beans cooking

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Prestige PRWCS 2.2 900-Watt Electric Rice Cooker

Prestige PRWCS 2.2 900-Watt Electric Rice Cooker

This is essential for cooking select amount of food at any given time while performing more functions that ordinary rice cooking pots. It is effective to prepare any cooked meal with selective timing and allowing the job to be completed automatically. There is no worry about burning or other issues as it safely gets the job done and grants you the opportunity to complete other tasks at the same time.

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